Why I Love Where I Live – Perrysburg, OH


For me, Perrysburg has always been “home”.  I grew up in Rossford and even after moving away for several years for college and grad school, I always felt that coming back to NW Ohio to visit was going home.  I met my husband here and we lived in Perrysburg for the first couple years of our relationship.  His job took us to NE Ohio for 4 years, and when we had the opportunity to come back in 2019, moving back to Perrysburg was non-negotiable, even though we both work about 35-40 mins south, in Findlay.  At the time, we didn’t have kids, but our decision to settle in Perrysburg included our future kids and the upbringing we wanted them to have.

You can ask any mom why they love living in Perrysburg and you’ll most likely hear things like the great schools, a safe, suburban community, and the accessibility of everything.  We, of course, love Perrysburg for all the same reasons and since I’ve become a mom, there are a few additional reasons why I love living here:

Things to do

  • We love that everything we need and want is within just a 10–15-minute drive, including the Toledo Zoo, downtown Toledo, and Target (IYKYK).  We can also easily bike or walk to several city parks, Side Cut Metro Park, downtown Perrysburg, Ft. Meigs YMCA, and so much more.  My 3-year-old particularly likes to visit Way Public Library and it’s been a great place for us to hang out during cold winter weekends.  We often like to stop at Maddie & Bella or Local Roots for a treat when we visit the library, too!  We also frequent the Farmers Market on Thursdays during the summer and loved going to Fall Fest last year.  There are also so many great date night spots – we love Swig and 5th Street Pub.

The opportunities

  • My kids are both still very young (they are almost 3 and 2 months), so we haven’t started many extra-curriculars, but know the potential activities that are available locally for young kids through the Ft. Meigs YMCA, summer recreation program, and other programs. I am excited to get our kids more involved in sports and any other activities they may be interested in as they grow up, all while staying close to home.

Sense of community

  • We’re still working on building ours (building new friendships and community is HARD when you are a working adult with kids!), but we feel looked out for and safe in our small neighborhood. There is a perfect mix of families to have lived here 30+ years and those closer to our age with kids.  We feel that we can go anywhere or do anything here in Perrysburg and connect with supportive, like-minded people.

As our kids grows up, it’s important to us that we try and give them the best experience we can.  We feel that we can do that here.  For us, Perrysburg is home.


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