Why Advertise With NW Ohio Moms?


NW Ohio Moms is specifically designed to connect and engage moms in the Northwest Ohio area, providing families with practical information and helpful resources. Our goal is to connect moms to local businesses we love, and we offer creative and affordable ways to promote relevant content to our readers, including (but not limited to) image ads, social media campaigns, sponsored posts, event sponsorships, and giveaways.

If you’ve never looked into advertising with a blog before, then you might be surprised at what can be offered – it’s unlike anything you’ll ever see in traditional media! Moms go to other moms to find out where they should shop, who to see for a doctor, what restaurant kids will love, and where they should go for a birthday party. They are looking for authentic reviews and recommendations from women they trust. Moms are also eager to interact with businesses in natural settings- like playgroups, cocktail parties, and more. Our readers want to learn about what products and services will make their mommy lives better, and they are trying new products and services because they’ve heard them mentioned or featured on a forum they trust to provide information that’s relevant to their lives.

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