Being a Young Mom is Perfectly OKAY!


Being a Young Mom is Perfectly OKAY!

When I pictured celebrating my 21st birthday I defiantly did not envision being pregnant as part of the plan. But that was my reality, and seven months later I had my first son; I was officially a “young mom”.

Of course, being a young mom is difficult but motherhood is a challenge at any age! Being young might just come with some of its own set of challenges.

There tends to be a stigma around young moms and I sure have been on the receiving end of plenty of unnecessary comments. People asking me if I’m married or if I’m still with the father of my child. All of the individuals that looked down on me and told me that my life was ruined and now I was not going to amount to anything.

Of all the things these people said to me, as a young mom, not one ever told me that being a young mom is perfectly ok. It took me years to figure this out and finally feel confidant as a young mom and embrace all the positives.

  1. Being a Young Mom Motivated Me

    When I became pregnant I was a college dropout and completely unsure of what path to take in life. Having my son definitely helped me to kick my life into high gear and give me the motivation I needed to go back to college. I suddenly wanted to be successful for him and I can now say I am proud that he has seen me earn both of my degrees.

  2. It is so Empowering

    At the time it all probably just felt like a struggle but looking back I had to grow up so quickly and do so much out of my comfort zone. I worked, went to school, all while taking care of my little one. Knowing this makes me feel like I can do pretty much anything.

  3. Life isn’t Over

    Many people like to say “oh make sure you get everything you want to done before you have kids”. Well, I am here to tell you that life is not over once you have kids. Mine was pretty much just beginning and I still had a lot to accomplish! It’s never too late to go back to school, start that business, or follow whatever dream you might have.

  4. Extra Time With My Babies

    My parents had me in their late 30s early 40s, so this point really resonates with me. I’m glad that motherhood came early for me so I can have extra time with my babies.

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Chelsea Darvas
Chelsea is a self-proclaimed, fabulously awkward, hot mess. She is 29 years old and born and raised in Sylvania, Ohio. She gets through this thing called life with her husband Mike, 3 and 8-year-old sons Calvin and Carter, French Bulldog named Hamilton, and Beta Fish named Fish Stick; yes a household full of boys! Although she has lived in Toledo her entire life, she enjoys traveling as much as possible! She likes to enjoy life and not take anything too seriously. Once a Clinical Therapist, Chelsea gave it all up to pursue her life long dream of starting a boutique, and it's the best decision she's ever made! Her boutique was inspired by moms, like herself, who were having a difficult time finding clothes that fit and they would still look and feel cute in! If you are curious about her boutique, check it out here:


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