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Hi! I’m Amanda and the owner of Jane Dough, which comes from my middle name Jane. I am a one-woman show running my business out of my home while also working as a Birth Doula. I will be married for 4 years on June 4th and we have a very spunky, outgoing daughter that will be 2 years old on May 5th. Up until this past August, I was a Phlebotomist for over 6 years. I graduated from Toledo School for the Arts in 2010 as a dance and art major and completed a few semesters at BGSU for nursing. Quickly I learned that it was not what I was meant to do.

I have always enjoyed baking but didn’t start creating cakes until December of 2018. I had so much support and decided to make a business page showcasing my work. People started contacting me and wanting me to create special cakes for their events. I did my first order in January of 2019 and never looked back. 

Since then I have quit my hospital job as a Phlebotomist and now work from home full time. I have been able to create my own recipes for vegan, gluten-free, dye-free, and other dietary restrictions/lifestyles.

Everything I do is from scratch and I use fresh, high-quality ingredients for everything from the cake itself to the buttercream and fresh fruit fillings. All of my cakes are mostly buttercream instead of fondant covered. Along with cakes, I also offer cupcakes, cakecicles, cake push-pops, and donuts. I absolutely love creating centerpieces for events that my customers will never forget. I am completely self-taught and love practicing new techniques to grow my skills to make customers happy.

Outside of custom orders, I often do events and farmer’s markets throughout the year. It’s a great way for people to try a treat and for me to meet many wonderful faces, both new and longtime followers! I have even met several other very talented small business owners and love collaborating with them! 

I appreciate everyone that has been supporting me throughout my journey of starting a business. It’s truly meant the world to me and I am so thankful for the ladies of Toledo Moms that show so much support for so many local small businesses and has given me this opportunity. Having a network is so amazing and I encourage everyone to stick together during this rough time. I hope to work with many of you soon as well! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram! Stay safe and thank you for reading my story!

Jane Dough By: Amanda Dix



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