Date Night Around the World: Home Edition


Date Night Around the WorldDo you ever have a hard time getting out for date night?

Even before quarantine getting out has been a struggle for us. So I came up with some fun ways to get out while staying in. I suggest trying for at least one date night a month, I would prefer more often but you know…kids.

Executing your date night in:

  1. Prep your meal
  2. Feed the kids and get them to bed early
  3. Make your meal
  4. Settle in and enjoy your movie and time together
  5. Don’t forget dessert


Greece Inspired Date Night

Ahhh the Mediterranean!

For dinner, you have so many choices. Gyros, Spanikopita, moussaka, lemon rice soup and for dessert baklava. If you don’t want to make dinner, Toledo has some great greek restaurants for take-out. Zingo’s Mediterranean and Charlie’s are two of my favorites.

Movies to Watch:

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin or any Mama Mia movie or even the 007 film For Your Eyes Only.

Spain Inspired Date Night

If you love tapas (appetizers) this is the place for you. Croquetas, gazpacho, pisto, paella, and for dessert Leche frita. I wish I had a few great local restaurants to recommend for take-out but I don’t so I encourage you to take the plunge and make a few of these yourself.

Movies to Watch:

Vicky Cristina Barcelona or The Way.

Italy Inspired Date Night

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… Yes, you could make this one simple and just order pizza but Italian food is so great why stop there. Try your hand with pasta carbonara, focaccia bread, or even mushroom risotto. Finish off with a luscious tiramisu. If you don’t want to cook at home Toledo has some great Italian restaurants to choose from… Mancy’s Italian Grill, Rosie’s Italian Grille, Zia’s, and there is always Olive Garden.

Movies to Watch:

The Talented Mr. Ripley, Angels and Demons, To Rome with Love, and my personal favorite Roman Holiday.

France Inspired Date Night

From the city of lights to your living room, French cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. A favorite in our house is ratatouille with goat cheese or beef Bourguignon. Both are really easy to make and delicious. A great starter is a fun charcuterie board and for a sweet finish, you can’t get any more French than crepes with fruit or caramel sauce.

Movies to Watch:

Ford v Ferrari, Beauty & the Beast, Les Miserables, or The Three Musketeers.

Sweden Inspired Date Night

For traditional Swedish meals, try Kaldolmar or Swedish stuffed cabbage rolls, kalops a Swedish beef stew, the ever famous Swedish meatballs, and boiled dilled potatoes and pickled cucumbers. For dessert try nyponsoppa a simple dessert soup made with rose hips, sugar, cinnamon, and cloves then topped off with a spoonful of whipped cream and almond macaroons.

To play: try your hand at candy crush or see who is the master builder at Minecraft. A prior trip to IKEA could be fun and you could build furniture too.

Movies to Watch:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or ABBA The Movie.

India Inspired Date Night

For traditional Indian meals, try butter chicken! It is simple to make and most kitchens will have the ingredients to make this. Chicken Tikka Masala, Chickpea curry, Naan bread, and for a sweet finish Indian fried bread with saffron syrup similar to our funnel cake. If cooking is not on the menu we have a few really great Indian restaurants to order from here in Toledo; Tandoor Cuisine of India, The Jewel of Toledo or Star of India.

Movies to Watch:

The Jungle Book, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited, Life of Pi.

China Inspired Date Night

You can’t go wrong here so many choices you can get frozen from the store. we actually got a really great Orange chicken, egg rolls, and fried rice at Kroger and it was quick and simple. There are so many great Chinese restaurants in the area my vote usually goes to getting carry out. Mayflower Restaurant, Qq Kitchen, 3’s Happiness, Jing Chuan Chinese Restaurant, P.F. Chang’s.

Movies to Watch:

Farewell My Concubine and The Blue Kite

Germany Inspired Date Night

Toledo has a rich German heritage… hello German American festival. As much as I love to cook at home an authentic german meal calls to me often and these are the experts I call. Black Forest Cafe in Oregon, Das Essen Haus in Wauseon and Arturo’s Fritz & Alfredo’s in Holland.

Movies to Watch:

The Book Thief, Monuments Men, Hopscotch.

Thailand Inspired Date Night

I love Thai the most experience I have making it is from our recent Radish Kids box my daughter received. I highly recommend getting carryout from Bangkok Kitchen or Tasty Thai Restaurant.

Movies to Watch:

The Hangover part 2, The Beach, The Impossible

This is just a starter list to help you get out of the at-home date rut. I encourage you to find more countries you want to learn more about or cuisine you would like to try. Spice it up and surprise one another and plan a date and invite your significant other. There are so many ways to make a date night at home fun. I would love to hear some of your in-home date night ideas. We are all in this together and by that, I mean trying to keep the spark alive and have kids.


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Eva Moore
Eva is a work at home mom to Alex 20, Ani 17, Abi 6, and Archer 2.5. She along with her husband Brent and the minions reside in Delta, Ohio. They love the rural life and take a holistic approach to health and wellness. Eva is active in her church and community (soccer coach and chicken festival committee). When she isn’t busy homeschooling, running kids or working their small urban homestead ( they have ducks, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, a pony named Hippo and squirrels in their pear tree) you can find her blogging about being a special needs mom, homeschooling and motherhood at and on Facebook and Instagram @evainterrupted. She is also a contributing writer for NW Ohio Mom's Blog and at


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