Fall Wreath DIY


Leaves are on the ground, football has begun and pumpkin spice lattes are being sold in abundance. This can mean only one thing; FALL IS HERE! So, if you are like me, that means you are busting out the fall decor and creating an autumn wonderland in your home. And no seasonal decor swap is complete without a wreath (IMO).

I love a good DIY craft, and this fall felt wreath was no exception. It turned out great and is the perfect focal point for my newly remodeled entry why. Gather your supplies, warm up your glue gun, and follow the instructions below to step up your fall decor game!


  • Metal wire wreath ring (I used a 14 in. ring)
  • Felt in assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Craft wire


Draw a leaf shape (about 3 in.) onto the cardboard with a pencil and then cut it out. This will serve as your stencil.

Select your felt colors (I chose five different colors; white, mustard, maroon, light green, light blue, purple and a darker blue). The great thing about this wreath is that you can choose any color combination – it doesn’t have to be fall colors!

Trace leaf shapes onto the felt and cut them out. I used around 100 leaves to make my wreath.

Cut the wire into 4 in. pieces, one for each leaf.

Pinch the bottom of the leaf together to form a crease. Squirt hot glue into the crease and place the end of one piece of wire into the crease. Pinch the felt together so it covers the wire and looks like a leaf. Hold the shape in place until it dries. You may want to place a heavy book on top to help. Repeat this step for all of the felt leaf cutouts.

Once your leaves are finished, start securing them to the wreath ring by coiling the wire around the frame. Interchange the colors as you do so. I began in the middle of the frame and worked my way to the outer edge. This part takes a while.

Once your wreath ring is fully covered you can adjust/fluff the leaves to your liking.

Now your wreath is complete! I used a Command hook to hang mine on the interior side of my front door and it looks PERFECT.

Happy crafting mamas!


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Morgan Cranston
Morgan Cranston is a full-time working mom who has been through infertility, a high-risk twin pregnancy and is currently wrangling three-year-old identical twin girls and a one-year-old son. She lives in Sylvania with her P.E. teacher husband, children, and beabull Sonny. Morgan loves to write and share stories through her personal blog, www.thepatientmom.com. Follow her on Instagram (@the_patientmom) for a mix of parenting advice and mishaps, fashion, adventures and fun. In her free time (what’s that?) she also enjoys red wine, beating everyone in Jeopardy, crafting, online shopping and SLOWLY flipping her house room by room.


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