How to transition to a Toddler Bed!


There is countless advice online on how to transition your child to a toddler bed (or big kid bed!). Scouring the Internet, asking other moms, and just flying by the seat of my pants, we decided it was time to put the rail on my 2 year old toddler’s crib.
Here is a conglomeration of advice and wisdom I now have in my arsenal.

1.) Decide when it’s time! I had a very pressing feeling that our daughter was ready for her big girl bed because she asked for it! She wanted to take a nap in the guest bed at her Mimi’s and each Saturday morning she asked to go to “dada’s bed” (hey it’s my best too!) I had a hunch that she was ready.

2.) Prepare the bedroom. I removed all toys and anything that I thought would cause an issue. I got a handle lock for her closet door, a baby gate for the bedroom door and added additional electrical outlet covers! I also put all of her toys in the closet and made sure the crib was as close to the interior wall as possible.

3.) This is a matter of opinion but I would say, make sure nothing else in the room or crib has changed (other than the above!). It’s a big step for children to go from one environment to the next. Some children do well and others not so well. When we moved into this home, I made sure to diffuse the same essential oils in her room here that I did in our old home. Scent memory is huge! So I made sure to keep the oils going when I transitioned her bed. Same blankets, same toys.

4.) And/Or make it fun! I took my girl to Target to get a new stuffed animal for her big girl bed! She had no interest in a new blanket or even new sheets, but the $5 Daisy Duck? Sold!

5.) Alarm clock or no alarm clock? That is the question! For us, the Cloud clock we purchased from Target didn’t work right away. She would push the buttons and it was hard to program. Now having returned that clock, I am looking into some of the ones on Amazon and even a Hatch! Stay tuned for a possible post on these in the future!

6.) Don’t be surprised if you have to troubleshoot. All of this preparation and she slept in her bed for a full night for maybe 3 nights! We either have to sleep in the room with her, or she cuddles in our bed! Just go into this knowing it won’t be a quick, permanent thing. There will be a season of this transition! Don’t be too hard on yourself, too. We are thinking is her crib too small? Does she need a brighter night light? It’s okay to try new things!

I trust that some of this will be helpful to you! There is so much that goes into this transition and it may take time! Do your research and know that not every child transitions the same way! I will keep sharing what works for us and what doesn’t along this transition as well! Feel free to also share your wisdom in the comments below and our Facebook Community!



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