Life is Simple


Life is Simple

One morning, I was up earlier than usual for work. By the time I got all my things in order I had around 15 extra minutes! That was unheard of! Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I took my cup of tea and walked out to my backyard. The morning was beautifully sweet with just the birds and the occasional bunny hopping around. I took a deep breath savoring it. I looked at the treetops that were just turning an orange-gold as the Sun rose and felt so incredibly peaceful and happy! In that moment, I didn’t need anything. I was happy to just Be.
Life felt good. Life was Simple.

A childhood friend of mine wrote these lines in my school yearbook:
“Be a simple little maiden,
For simplicity has charm,
No friend can ever steal,
No foe can ever harm.”

I have always loved those lines. They have stayed with me throughout my life. Every once in a while when I would over complicate things, these lines would chime in my head with unerring precision. It would just make me laugh and resolve to take things easy.

When we think about it, what is it that we really want in Life?
To be happy.
Then what is it that makes us truly happy?
Life’s simple pleasures!

The joy of seeing your almost year old take his or her first steps fills you with pure Happiness!
When you watch a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, you’re filled with awe!
When you find a moment of complete silence, in your chaotic day, where you can just breathe deeply, that’s bliss!

These are all simple pleasures. None of them need anything beyond our attention, the ability to be really present. These are the moments that simply touch your heart. Making you aware of You in a way nothing else can!

We often wish for such moments amidst our busy lives, struggling to slow down. Surprisingly it took a virus like COVID19 to help us do just that!

The virus has actually made us rethink our lives and priorities. We have consciously slowed down. We don’t need to “make time” for our families and children, we have time! The leisure of waking up without an alarm clock, catching a few snuggles with your littles, making breakfast and eating together, taking a long walk, blowing bubbles or drawing chalk art, catching up on some of your favorite books, finally learning to knit. You and your significant other can actually sit down for a conversation instead of resorting to hurried texts!
The possibilities are endless!

Let’s embrace an element of simplicity in our lives.
1. It could be as easy as unplugging our devices.
2. Relaxing and unwinding with a good book or music
3. Going out and spending time in Nature.
4. Decluttering your space. It’s amazing how calming an uncluttered space can be for the mind!
5. Reflecting on what is truly important in your life, be it people or things that are dear to your Self.
6. And most importantly, taking care of yourself. Doing something good that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

After all, as Thoreau himself said, “As you simplify your life, the laws of the Universe will be simpler.”

A simple life is its own reward. ❤️


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