Small Business, Big Dreams


When you support a small business you are supporting a big dream.

You are not simply buying from a small business, you are investing in someone’s dream.
Each small business is birthed from an idea. From a spark and desire to blaze a path that has yet to be made!  In addition to supporting a dream, you are investing in your own community. According to every $100 spent in a local small business, $68 of it goes right back into the community enriching lives and creating success!

The entrepreneurs in your town put their heart and soul into their business which transforms your community.

It is not just a job to pay the bills, it is a dream, a part of them built brick & mortar and online for the world to purchase.
Local entrepreneurs are not just looking to make a profit, but they desire to share their passion. To give of their craft. To bring joy through each product and every transaction.  Each local transaction has the potential to transforms your own community into a thriving place to live and raise a family.

One small purchase this Small Business Saturday will make big dreams a reality for so many.

When supporting small businesses remember the smallest purchase, just one encouraging comment on Facebook, sharing a local business with just one friend can make all the difference for your local small business owners.  Your efforts to support local are noticed and gratefully appreciated.
Spend the day in your local town shopping small businesses that can only be sustained by you.

5 ways you can support your local small businesses!

  1. Show up. If they are having an event pop in!  Check FaceBook or local social media for local events in your town.

  2. Invite friends.  Make it a girls’ day out!  Plan to get a coffee at a local coffee shop and spend the day shopping small together:)

  3. Give gift cards or gift certificates.  Consider giving gift cards or certificates to your kids’ teachers from the local small businesses in the town your school district is in!

  4. Share and comment on social media.  Spread the love!  Let others know about your favorite local finds.

  5. Think small first. It is convenient to hop on Amazon and make a purchase. However, deciding to make a local purchase here and there will make a big difference!

Start shopping small and be a part of big dreams in your community!

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Deborah Lambdin
Deborah is a wife, mom, small business owner, and artist. She has 3 children with her husband Max of 22 years. Her oldest daughter Jordan is 19, Hailey is 16 and Solomon is 13. In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her 29 houseplants and is consistently amazed any of her plants are still alive. She is passionate about people and making connections with those around her. She believes strongly that faith is working in every crack & crevice of our lives making the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary purposeful. When she is not relaxing with her family, friends, and white fluffy dog Louie, you can find her sweeping up glitter at CREATE: Art Studio + Workshop. She believes everyone has the ability to create and loves to guide others of all ages into creativity. Northern Michigan is her home away from home and coffee is her favorite. She knows each season of life has a treasure waiting to be unearthed. She desires to help others discover treasure, purpose, and joy as we weather this journey of motherhood together. Follow along @deborahannart @deborahannlamb @createperrysburg (Toledo Moms)


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