Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas


National Teacher Appreciation Week


May 6- May 10

Teachers are a large part of our children’s daily lives. They give so much to help our children. As a teacher of 12 years, I don’t expect gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week, but it’s a nice surprise. If you’re struggling with what to get your kiddo’s teacher here are a few suggestions.

  1. Gift Card– Target or Amazon: Teachers spend A LOT of their own money on supplies for the classroom. All that cute decor? Your teacher bought it. That giant classroom library? They funded the majority of that too? The Fun Friday treat? Yup, they probably purchased it too. A gift card to Amazon, Target, or a grocery store can help offset these extra costs.
  2. Snacks- a little chocolate goes a long way! Feel free to do a few small bags of various snacks to hold your teacher over if they have a bunch of meetings, need to make copies, and find time to the restroom during their 30-minute lunch.
  3. School Supplies– see explanation #1. My humble suggestions? Papermate Felt tip pens, Mr. Sketch smelly markers, and EXPO dry-erase markers. THE ULTIMATE GOAT school supply? Ticonderoga Pencils. Trust. Me.
  4. Customized Drinkware- A Tervis or Stanley mug with the teacher’s name on it is super cute. If you know the teacher likes coffee a $5 gift card to Starbucks, Dunkin’, or another local coffee shop is fun to gift with the drink cup.
  5. THE BEST GIFT YOU COULD EVER GIVE….. a handwritten note from you showing your support for all they do. No one is perfect, but teachers do a lot. Knowing that you support them and believe that they’re really really making a difference goes a long way. I keep a folder of notes like this and when I have a rough day I like to pull them out to remind myself that I have made a difference and that being a teacher is what I’m called to do.

*if your child is old enough to write their own thank you note or make a drawing that’s also one of my favorite things to receive!!



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Julia Whalen
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