The Working Mom During COVID-19


Let me start by saying, I cannot believe that it is 2020 and I am writing a post centered completely around a worldwide pandemic. One that has shut down cities, states, countries and has driven people to such a state of fear. If you are a working mom who has to leave your home multiple times a week, I know the added fear and anxiety this can add on to the craziness we are all already facing.

I work as a registered nurse and while most of my family and friends are staying home (thank you, I appreciate you) I, as I am sure some of you as well, are not able to do that. I love that one of the positives of this pandemic is the bonding time it has created in so many families and that people are starting to sit down and enjoy each other again. This isn’t a post to put any of that down. This post is meant to reach those of you who are feeling exhausted and scared every time you walk through the door to your own home. It is meant to reach those of you staying home to give you a little glimpse of what it is like outside your door.

When the government and media are telling us to stay inside, wear masks, sanitize everything, stay 6 feet away from everyone – there are still some of us who have no choice but to continue working like it’s just another day. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a nurse but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared every day that I will bring something home with me.

I would be lying if I said that I’m not a little jealous or bitter seeing my phone have multiple notifications when I check it on my break. Notifications from friends who are home and sending funny memes and videos about the quarantine. I would be lying if I said that the jokes and comments online about not knowing what day it is, or not changing out of pajamas or day drinking by 11 am didn’t get to me. I would be lying if I said seeing other moms complain about being home with their kids all day every day didn’t make me a little sad that I don’t get the chance to spend extra time with my son. I would be lying if I said that I don’t hate coming home to immediately strip down, wash my hands and then jump into the shower before I can even touch my baby.

I am constantly sanitizing and wiping things down, especially toys as we are in the teething stage here at our house. While I like to think that I was clean and pretty OCD about things before, I now worry about possibly carrying and bringing “it” home to my family. It is always in the back of my mind and the thought of my husband or son catching this nasty virus because of me makes me sick to my stomach.

Being a mom, in general, is confusing and scary – add in a worldwide pandemic and it’s a whole new level. I know staying home with your children has its own challenges as well. So those of you mamas at home, please show some grace and bare with us. We are so thankful that you are staying home and doing your part. Love on your babies and think of us who would do anything to be where you are; home, safe, and with our family.

I believe the best way to get through all of this is to lean on those around you. Try to stay positive and look for the good. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel and we will all come out of this stronger than we were before. Whether you are home or are still working, we are all just trying to figure this out day by day. This is new and uncharted territory and I don’t believe there are any rules. We are all doing our best. Continue to love on your families, I am rooting for you and sending the biggest virtual hug to you all.

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Kalyn Bodi
Kalyn is a mama to her little boy Carson with another on the way. Her and her husband Michael reside in Sylvania where they love to enjoy all the events and outdoor activities the city has to offer. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in nursing and is working as a full time Oncology RN. When she isn’t working you will catch her spending time with her family and friends, cruising through the Chic-Fil-A drive thru or curled up on the couch watching Netflix. In the summers she spends every weekend she can at her family’s lake house and enjoys outdoor concerts or events going on in downtown Toledo. She is a major lover of all things Christmas and checks off as many Christmas traditions as possible with a growing list each year. If laughing, friendship, loyalty and wine are up your alley - she’s your gal to call. If you would like to follow her, add her on instagram @kayybodi


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