Toledo And It’s Love For Hot Dogs


Nothing says summer quite like a hot dog fresh off the grill while sitting poolside, am I right? Well, little known to those who reside outside of Northwest Ohio, Toledo is a hot dog hotspot. With a hot dog joint just around every corner, you are sure to find one that both surprises and amazes you. Whether you like the snap of a Hungarian dog or the grill marks of a ballpark dog, head on over to Toledo to get your fix. Here is a break down of some of the best hot dog restaurants around:


Tony Packo’s

Tony Packo’s restaurant is a local treasure that has attracted celebrities, politicians and Average Joe’s like to make the trip to Toledo to try one of their famous Hungarian dogs and to autograph a bun for their hot dog bun wall display. Tony Packo’s grew to national fame thanks to Toledo navite and M*A*S*H star Jamie Farr, who mentioned the restaurant several times on the television show. The menu includes more than just the Packo’s Original Hot Dog – a Hungarian hot dog with mustard, onions and hot dog sauce. Local favorites include their signature chicken paprikas, chili and sweet hot pickles and peppers.

The “original ” Tony Pack’s Cafe is located on Front Street and there are four other locations throughout the city.


Rudy’s Hot Dog

Founded over a century ago in 1920, another Toledo-original hot dog restaurant is Rudy’s Hot Dog. With six locations throughout the city, Rudy’s stays true to its retro theme and serves up amazingly good dogs that you can pick up at the drive thru or dine in, and you can even find some of their famous chili sauce in area grocery stores. In addition to hot dogs, Rudy’s menu includes burgers, sandwiches, soups, pies and even breakfast. While you’re there, I recommend ordering a hot dog with everything and one of their delicious chocolate milkshakes. 


Ideal Hot Dog

Having grown up in Toledo, an argument that never seems to end is which restaurant is better – Ideal or Rudy’s? Ideal Hot Dog has two locations and their menu includes classic items like hot dogs, burgers and chili, but also greek favorites like a Greek Dog, greek salad and gyros.



Located in downtown Perrysburg, Swig is more of a new-age hot dog joint with a full bar and live music on the patio. While their menu includes the typical, All-American hot dog, they also feature a variety of other sausages between buns like andouille, Polish sausage, kielbasa, bratwurst and more. Along with sausages, they have amazing chicken chunks and wings (try their Melt Yer Face sauce if you like super spicy) which pair great with one of their craft beers on tap. 


Frankly Plant Based Kitchen

It wouldn’t be a classic American favorite if there wasn’t a dog for everyone, right? That’s why I had to include Frankly Plant Based Kitchen on my list – they’re a food truck serving up vegan hot dogs with a variety of different toppings and sauces. Dogs seen on their menu as of late include the Bavarian Dream Dog, Beast Dog and the Big Mac Dog. Since they are a food truck you’ll find them popping up in different locations all around town!


Where is your favorite Hot Dog place?!

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