Why Chiropractic for Moms?


Many moms seek care in our office for several different reasons ranging from┬ástress management, sleep challenges, joint pains, poor posture and overall wellness. Let’s talk more about these and show you why you should add chiropractic care in 2023 to make it your best year yet.

Stress is a part of everyday life. How we handle and manage that stress can look very different for everyone. For moms, we know stress can pile on with taking care of and running a household, caring for your kids, and potentially the addition of work. But we want to help you handle those different things with ease and efficiency.

You see, your brain and nervous system run and regulate how you handle and process stress. When your brain and nervous system are operating out of a fight or flight state, this is how you will process and manage whatever stressor comes into your environment. Our job as chiropractors is to look at how your spine is potentially having a negative impact on your nervous system, resulting in you consistently running in fight or flight. When the spine is aligned and working properly, this will allow for your nervous system to operate with that state of ease and efficiency, giving you the best opportunity to manage any stressors you may encounter.

Waking frequently at night can be a common thing with parenting sick kiddos or not great sleepers. But when that dust settles, we should be able to enjoy restful sleep. If that is not your case and you are finding yourself waking frequently or not being able to fall asleep, we commonly find that chiropractic can help. It comes back to what we talked about above regarding your brain and nervous system and the state in which they operate. If your nervous system is running in fight or flight, sleep will be on the back burner and it won’t be able to thrive. Think about getting chased from a bear (stressful situation). This situation is not the most conducive for sleep, but if you run away from the bear long enough, you will eventually exhaust yourself and get to the point of being tired. Unfortunately, if you know a bear may be lurking near, your sleep won’t be deep nor restful. If we can remove stress from your spine and nervous system, the body will be able to return to better states of sleep.

Joint pains can be due to many reasons. These reasons can range from your pelvis not healing fully postpartum, to your body experiencing new positions. Positions like bending forward for long lengths to feed your baby, carrying heavy car seats and more. The joints throughout your body are meant to be in a certain position and are designed to carry stress well when in this optimal alignment. If these joints are in a less than optimal position, over time, wear and tear will take its toll and pains can result. Chiropractic helps to restore optimal alignment and aid your body in feeling great.

Poor posture can result from similar things to why your joints may be in pain. Moms tend to find themselves looking down often to look at their cute little ones, looking down and “hunching” over for feedings or changing diapers, falling asleep while sitting up and more. When you are in these compromised positions for long periods of time, this can become a part of your normal posture. Moms come in saying they feel like their head is far forward or they feel like they are developing a hump in their back. The great thing is that this can all be helped with chiropractic care.

Your brain and nervous system are in complete control of the overall function of your body. In order for things like your food to digest or your lungs to breathe, your brain has to communicate to that organ. Communication can become less than optimal when your spine interferes and interrupts the nerve signal by being in a state of misalignment. With neurologically-based chiropractic care, improved nervous system function can be reached creating an overall, healthier you!

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