A sense of Freedom


School is back in session in the Toledo area. Both of the children are finally in school fulltime. I am sad they are growing up and are no longer babies but at the same time I am feeling a sense of freedom again that I haven’t felt in 9 years. Before now, if I wanted to do anything on my own I would have to find a babysitter or wait till after my husband came home from work or one a weekend day when both of us were off work. I have a whole list of things I can do now that I have 6 hours to myself during the day.

With the kids in school, I can actually go to the store instead of using the grocery pick up and online ordering that I’ve been using. I don’t have to worry about bored children or getting asked for 100 different junk foods that they want. This is a year I can look more closely at labels and compare prices.

With the kids out from under my feet, I plan to get more done around the house too. Those toys filling up all the bins and the closest in the playroom that the kids forgot about? They are finally disappearing.

I am a huge book reader but I have read maybe 10 books a year since having kids. I read a little bit at night right before bed or listen to an audiobook on my commute to work. Now I can drop the kids off at school, come home and kick up my feet and read with no interruptions.

My oldest loves to complain about me taking an hour out of our time together to workout even when I allow her that extra screen time so I can get it in. I’ve begun to go on a walk at the metroparks with my other friends who’s kids are in school too so I can take time after the kids get home to spend time with them.

Although I love listening to all the stories my children tell me, I am really enjoying the peace and quiet. As I write this article I am sitting on my comfy lazy recliner with nothing but the sound of my typing and it is so calm and I love it.

I know there will be a time when the kids are moved away and raising their own families and I will miss them terribly but I really feel like a better, more relaxed, healthy mom now that I have a little bit of own self back.


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