Jill Douglas

Jill Douglas is a 40-something momma to her three minions (one girl and two boys, ages 11, 8, and 4). Originally from Ft. Wayne, IN, Jill spent most of her adult life in northern Mexico, almost halfway between the midwest and her husband's hometown of Mexico City. This last summer, Her husband's job asked him if he would be interested in moving to the Midwest, and Jill is thrilled to finally live so close to her family. Jill has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 11 years. In the wee hours of the morning, she teaches English online in China. When she's neglecting things around her house, she teaches herself how to knit, dabbles in music (flute and voice), watercolor, modern calligraphy, gardening, volunteering at church, wandering the woods, and kayaking the rivers. Jill blogs at http://jillmichelledouglas.com, sharing epiphanies, inspiration, or great places to explore! Having spent the last 10 years documenting the great things about Saltillo, Mexico (the city where she lived), she's now looking forward to this new adventure of discovering and sharing the wonders that Toledo has to offer!

Fort Wayne Weekend Get Away Ideas

Being so similar to Toledo, Fort Wayne might not pop up on many people's "Top Places to Get Away" lists.  But that's their loss! Only an hour and a half from Toledo, Fort Wayne is...

Riding the Bus with a Transportation-Loving Preschooler

The biggest disappointment of my five-year-old's short life is that he will not get to ride a school bus until he's in high school.  We live so close to school that we see school...

Reduce Plastic in Your Life

We all know we should reduce, reuse, and recycle.  They're all good for the planet. Recycling is good, but reusing is better than recycling.  And reducing our use of disposable materials is even better than...

If You Teach A Kid To Fish

While walking along the river at Side Cut Metropark last year, my eight-year-old spotted some discarded fishing lures.  Like any kid, he felt he had to collect these. Like any kid, now that he was...

Plan a Weekend Getaway to Oak Openings

For well over a year, I dreamed of taking a whole weekend to myself.  No kids, no husband, no friends . . . just lots of quality alone time.  As virtual school dragged into its...

Raising Bilingual Children

Two of my children are bilingual. One is not. Given my family's 66% success rate, I am reevaluating what works for raising bilingual children, and what we may be doing that clearly isn't working at all. Background First,...

Neighborhoods in Toledo

Last fall, my family moved to Toledo.  Not being familiar with the area, we had no idea which neighborhoods we might love, and which may be better to avoid.  We also wanted a neighborhood...

Which Metropark Should We Visit Today?

It's summer!  School is over, the weather is beautiful, and it's time to get outside and enjoy nature! But wait--it's 2020, and our options for getting out are limited!  Where can we go?  Toledo's Metroparks,...

Why We Should Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo—that random holiday where we celebrate all things Mexican. After living in Mexico for over a decade, I thought it funny that Cinco de Mayo is becoming a minor holiday in the US. ...