Bachelor Series: S24 WEEK 7- Hometowns!


Pilot Pete took on HOMETOWNS!

Anyone else love hometowns as much as I do? I personally love hometowns, because I feel like this “reality show” finally becomes realistic. The ladies are back home, with their families, in their own environment, and they are reminded of what life is truly like, (life with no cameras following them around every second of every day, no exotic vacations for months on end, and they actually have to work again). They start to take things more seriously at this point in their journey. Their families voice their opinions and share their concerns. All of their fantasy dreams of what life will look like with Peter, and vice versa, become very real once their families get to interact with him. The families get to see the dynamic of what their relationship would be like as well. Because everyone knows, whoever you marry, you also marry their family! (I think I just heard all of you sigh and say, “ain’t that the truth”…)

Hometowns started off with Hannah Ann, in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Hannah Ann started her hometown date off with some good ole’ ax throwing, and Peter could have not been more excited. Peter unleashed his “manly” side by finally hitting the target with his ax, and chopped some wood in half. Hannah Ann melted watching Peter transform into the manly man that her dad would be so proud of-since her dad works in lumber. After all of his strenuous work, they sat down together, and Peter gave Hannah Ann a note listing the reasons why he likes her. (Anyone else feel like they were back in grade school watching all of this take place?) After Hannah Ann checked the box on Peter’s note asking if she’d be his girlfriend, (I am totally kidding, but wouldn’t have been surprised if this happened), they headed to her parents’ house so she can introduce them to Peter.

They were both given a big welcome as soon as they walked in, and everyone was so happy to see Hannah Ann again. After they got settled in, Hannah Ann’s mother talked to Peter privately. She told Peter that as long as Hannah is happy, she will support her within this journey. However, she stated that Hannah Ann’s father is guarded, and won’t just give her away to anyone. When Peter finally had a chance to sit down with her father, Peter told him that he is falling in love with Hannah Ann, and her father turned pale. He said he wasn’t expecting to hear him say that. He told Peter he would appreciate it if he didn’t tell her that, unless he really, genuinely meant it. Well, I guess he meant it because before the night was over, Peter took Hannah Ann to the side and told her that he was falling in love with her and she reciprocated saying that she is in love with him. Peter left Hannah Ann’s home saying he could definitely see himself getting down on one knee for her. Time will tell, mamas.

Off we go to Des Moines, Iowa – Kelsey’s hometown!

I don’t know about you, but I have been in awe watching Kelsey redeem herself after the “Champagne Fiasco.” She actually turns into one of the front runners, and heads to hometowns! But here we are, in Des Moines, and Kelsey takes Peter to the “Summerset Winery” to stomp grapes, and to make their very own wine. After they made their very special wine, they sat down to enjoy a glass together, and Kelsey knew it was the perfect time to tell Peter that she is in love with him. Peter smiled and responded that her saying that made him “really happy”, and that he “can see a future with us”. (Anyone else know at that moment, that he was not feeling it anymore? Call it mama intuition, but I knew just by looking at his eyes when she declared her love, that he was ready to call it quits).

However, he did not call it quits, and he headed to her family’s home. Kelsey and her sisters went to have a chat together, and Kelsey told her sisters that if Peter gets down on one knee at the end of all of this she will say yes. But then Kelsey expressed her concerns to her stepdad about her fear of getting her heartbroken. Meanwhile, Kelsey’s mom and Peter have a sit down together, and she tells Peter that Kelsey loves hard and to please not break her daughter’s heart. They end the night sharing a kiss (shocker), and off Pilot Pete goes to the next hometown date.

Everyone yell “WAR EAGLE’! Next up, is Madison’s hometown date in Auburn, Alabama!

Madison is an alumna from Auburn Alabama University, where her father is currently a basketball coach, and where Madison played basketball as well. She described the university as not just being a community to her, but a family to her as well. So it seemed only fitting that she would start her hometown date off playing basketball with Peter, at Auburn Alabama University! After Peter and Madison had some fun on the court, they headed off to meet her family.

Peter and Madison were greeted with so much excitement, and then they all sat down to eat dinner together. At dinner, Madison was given the “special plate”; one of her family’s traditions. Whoever has the “special plate” gets to have everyone else around the table say something special about that person. It was a beautiful family tradition and one that inspired me within my own parenting! They held hands and joined in prayer and began to eat. Later on, Madison and her mother went to go talk in private, and Madison’s mom talked about Madison’s faith in God, and how important that is to her.

Because of her strong faith, she has made the decision to save herself for marriage. We find out that Madison has not yet told Peter that news, and suddenly we see Madison’s mood completely change. She seems distraught and conflicted, and she tells the cameramen that after being back with her family, it has “brought her back to reality”. Meanwhile, Peter tells the filming crew that he is in fact, “in love with Madison”. Peter kisses Madison, and leaves on cloud nine, only leaving Madison standing in front of her family’s home, conflicted and confused if her and Peter’s “spirits and souls are compatible”.

Our last stop on our hometown journey is in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for Victoria F.’s hometown date!

I for one was very confused about why Peter was so excited to run across the beach to see Victoria F., after just hours before he stated that he was in love with Madison, but that’s just me. (I actually thought she was going to run away from him, because, well…have you watched this season?) Victoria F. started off the hometown date by going to take some old-time photos with Peter, and then she had a special surprise planned for Peter after. This girl is apparently full of surprises to me because I thought the last thing she would ever want to experience again with Peter is another concert (because we all know how that went), but yet she decided to have Hunter Hayes perform a concert for them.

The crowd around them cheered, as they sang and danced to Hunter Hayes, and for those five minutes, Victoria F. was living her best life. But oh, how the tables turned after the concert when Peter was confronted with an ex-girlfriend, who warned Peter to watch out for Victoria F., who apparently has split up other relationships in the past. Peter leaves the morning portion of his hometown date with Victoria F. very confused and conflicted, while in the meantime Victoria F. is telling the filming crew that she is going to be Mrs. Weber after today.

When Peter pulls up to Victoria F.’s family’s house, he sits her down before they enter the house to confront her about what was said to him earlier. Instead of having a conversation with Peter, she becomes very defensive and walks away from Peter (SHOCKER). After she returns, they try to figure out where their relationship stands, but reach no compromise. Peter leaves without even stepping foot into her family’s home to meet them, and Victoria F. is left standing outside crying, as her family later comes out, hugging, and comforting her. The next morning, Victoria F. comes to Peter’s hotel room, apologizes to him, tells him that she is falling in love with him, and says that the ball is in his court now with what he wants to do with their relationship.

Rose ceremony time:

We head into the rose ceremony not feeling very confident in Peter and Victoria F.’s relationship, assuming that she will most likely be the one that gets sent home. However, Peter throws us for another loop, as he gives Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Madison a rose, and instead sends poor Kelsey home, (who I truly feel like would have loved him forever). Kelsey leaves confused and brokenhearted, while Hannah Ann and Victoria F. are excited to head into the fantasy suite week. All the while, Madison is internally freaking out because she has so much she needs to tell Peter still before they head into next week’s dates. We end this week’s episode with Madison asking Peter if they can talk before he leaves.

My expectations for my daughter:

As I watched all of these hometown dates unfold, and all of the women’s families finally get involved, it made me think about how one day my daughter will bring home a man to meet us. One day I am going to have to sit across the table from a man that my daughter’s heart longs for, and hope that he cares and loves my daughter like I always hoped and prayed he would. I want a man to value her, to treasure her, to encourage and strengthen her, and to be her best friend. Also, a man that will always stand by her side and one that will always protect and defend her. Finally, I want a man that cherishes family, honesty, and that supports her in her faith and values. Not only do I want him to be the man of her dreams, but I also want him to respect and love our family as well. I want to laugh with him, create memories with him, and love my son-in-law more than anything.

I think it is so crucial to teach our daughters to never settle for anything less. To never allow moments of insecurity or weakness to cause them to feel like they don’t deserve their fairy tale ending. We as mothers need to build our daughters up. We need to instill confidence and values into our daughters, and we need to stand by their side as they are looking for “Mr. Right” because Lord knows they will need some direction and guidance along the way. Never let them settle, mama because our beautiful daughters deserve the fairy tale.


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