CitiGirl: By Women For Women


Sisters Lindsey Hickey and Courtney McDermott Kuhn, both natives to Toledo, Ohio wanted to figure out a way to give back to the community where they grew up, empower women and provide them with a platform to explore new opportunities. Launching in the fall of 2020, CITIGIRL is an exclusive women’s community-based membership club that provides social opportunities and exclusive perks for women at local business establishments (our CG Collaborators). Our Collaborators benefit by marketing to valuable customer demographic with minimal marketing cost. CITIGIRL will offer networking events and specialty programs with meaningful content. Topical guest speaking arrangments, panel discussions, and VIP shopping events will spotlight local businesses, again and again, to emphasize a sense of community.

Interested in learning more about CITIGIRL or becoming a collaborator?

Contact Lindsey Hickey at [email protected]  


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