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I am an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique Basic Practitioner and Facilitator of Sisterhood Gatherings. I have been called to assist you to your highest potential and enhance your quality of life, personal growth, and healing. I use healing tools that enable you to become more aware of your health in completeness. On this journey of spiritual growth and discipline I guide you inward where you will learn more about your inner truths, wisdom, direction, and true authentic self. My work is to help discover and connect with your own inner knowing, guide you on how to follow your life map and to assist with clearing and healing whatever stands in the way of happiness, peace, health, love and abundant resources.

My field of study includes training and certification in various concentrations such as Intuitive Reiki Healing to the Master Teacher level, Psychic Development, Intuitive Readings, House Blessings, Soul Rescue and Retrieval Work, Chakra Balancing, Inner Child Healing, EFT, Crystalline Consciousness Technique and Spiritual Counseling amongst so many others.

As an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master teacher I can help you find answers, gain strength in finding your way through life’s struggles and fully become the person that resides within. Because of my own life struggles and my own spiritual awakening journey, I can assist you in developing your inner knowing with guiding you back into your wholeness. I act as a bridge between the spiritual and physical planes, I apply ancient spiritual wisdom, devoted study, and practice, to help bring success, happiness, and healing into your life. 

When in a Reiki Session, whether distant or in person, the energy works the same. Your body’s energy communicates with me and tells a story. Through my natural empathic and intuitive gifts and years of honed practice, I am able to tap into your space to help you become aware of what you are holding onto and how you can best heal buried traumas and release what is no longer serving you. Your energy also shows me images and stories of your past allowing me to recognize the heaviness and bring it into your attention to shift and move it back to its source.

Working with an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor is similar to other types of counseling and coaching, except that I apply spiritual principle to the work. We begin with knowing that you are already whole, and together work to assist in revealing that perfection.

Each spiritual counseling session begins with setting an intention for our time together. In realizing the spiritual truth about your life, you can choose to release false beliefs and limitations, and experience more clarity, vitality, ease, joy, and fulfillment.

As a Facilitator of Sisterhood Gatherings, I offer women a safe, nurturing, and sacred space of restoration. I believe that women gathering is the vehicle to remembering their own power and authentic self.  When a woman steps into the gathering she unlocks this immeasurable strength hidden deep inside her. With the tools, support, and practice any woman can become a powerful feminine leader, unleashing her brilliance into the world. I encourage women to soar to new heights by helping put together a plan that capitalizes their strengths, making brave triumphs forward. 

I have learned, as a healer, that experiencing difficulties through my life, allows me to connect to you on your journey. I’ve been through the pits and valleys and know what heaviness feels like to be carried for years. I know bitter pain in the depths of my soul. I also know that it doesn’t have to continue to be overwhelming, hidden or embedded into your being. I’m nowhere near completion and have learned to make space for you to release burdens. I still struggle and have found my different triggers; I know how to help work through trauma from my personal experience, studied knowledge and acquired emotional wisdom.

It would be my honor to assist you on your healing and growth journey. – Rebecca Ahern

Axiom Lux

5650 W. Central Ave
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Axiom Lux, locally owned and operated by Rebecca Ahern, evolved from her humble home remedies and Reiki healing to a thriving business endeavor. After repeatedly requesting her goods and services, friends and family were insisting on paying and recommending to others. Slowly over 7 years, with pure wonder and amazement from Rebecca’s perspective, she has grown to have many wonderful and supportive clients, all because of her deep love for healing and a need from the Toledo community. Rebecca has two missions with Axiom Lux; to provide quality handcrafted botanical infused products and to be a beacon of light and hope, with the goal to help you remember your completeness, your truth and your knowing. 


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