Getting Back To The Basics


In this very busy world, it’s easy to focus on what must be done for the day, what we need, and how the heck will we have enough time to get it all done. As moms, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. We have mama minds that never stop thinking about all the needs for our family and household; at least this was my truth and I was not liking it. I was constantly trying to be 10 steps ahead for everyone in the house, it was crazy. I truly felt like I missed my family because I was too busy doing everything else but being present. My alarm would go off and I would jump out of bed ready to take care of everyone big, tall, furry, and small. Everyone except me! I was putting myself last and I didn’t even feel like I was getting to the things I needed. Why was I not asking my amazing family for help?

I knew I needed to develop a new game plan. A new approach that allowed our family to reconnect and stay that way! The old me would say ”how do I do this all?” But the new me and new approach, who loves asking for and giving parenting advice (even to my own family) would say ”how do WE do this all?” If our children are overwhelmed we teach them to ask for help. So I started asking my family for help. Now let’s get to my family’s secret weapon: keep your mental game strong and stay positive!

Work Together

Help your family and build a strong foundation made of kindness, honesty, and love by working together. Strive to truly be present and connect in every moment. Take turns and listen to each other. Make your own happy habits! Know all great moms have clutter somewhere! Hold each other accountable for being present.

My daughters and I are currently teaching daddy how to cook a little better. Not only does it help daddy with a new skill for his wheelhouse and fill our tummies with delicious pancakes, but it gives mama a night off cooking to enjoy a moment in a good book. Applaud each other for all jobs well done! Remind each other you’re bound for greatness and help each others achieve it. Encourage one another!

Seize the Day

My favorite tip of all has to be carpe diem! Seize the day but in your own way! It doesn’t always have to be a trip here or a getaway there. Sometimes it is something so very simple yet grand in gesture. Those simple gestures remind us it’s the little things that truly allow us to live our best lives.

An example of our real-life grand gesture would definitely be our January advent calendar! Our daughters get rewarded for good attitudes actions and behaviors going into the new year with the tiniest piece of chocolate. I know the candy reward system is not for everyone but in my home, it’s cool as long as no cavities at checkups! The candy is just enough to give them the enthusiasm to want to help! Now that’s every mama’s dream! Let’s see how long it lasts! Finally, if at first you don’t succeed keep trying, ask for help from other inspiring mamas (Toledo Mom’s is our favorite of course) because let’s be real, the future looks bright thanks to real moms just striving to do our best! That’s definitely more than enough to get anyone back into your best swing of things.





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Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns resides in Berkey, OH with her absolute favorite humans and pets! Her and her sweetheart, one of a kind, says what’s on his mind, hard-working husband of 6 years Scott, two beautiful and brilliant daughters, two Great Danes, 4 chickens, 2 ducks, and one little kitty named Izzy George Washington Catfur Burns established their homestead there 4 years ago. Picture the 1993 Comedy “Son In Law” starring Pauly Shore. Together they are mathletes, cheerleaders, reading enthusiasts, unicorns, NASA bound, mermaids, cool nerds, and artists. Ashley is a former pediatric orthopedic nurse of 11 years who enjoys helping manage their small business Scotty B’s LEDS, LLC. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her community’s local elementary school, adventures of any kind as long as it’s with her family, and spreading positivity as much as possible! Family and helping others is her true joy!


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