Guide To Chiropractic Care In NW Ohio


Looking for a Chiropractor for you or your family? Toledo Moms has compiled a list of area chiropractors from Toledo to Lima!

Why you should look into chiropractic care? 

The nervous system is the master control system for your body. It controls and coordinates every function in your body. At its core, literally inside your spine, your spinal cord and nerves transmit information, allowing your brain to monitor and coordinate the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. When the vertebrae in your spine are misaligned, it is called a subluxation. Subluxations can cause interference to the nervous system at any point along the spine where the nerves exit.  Thus, whatever that nerve was going to is functioning at less than 100%. A chiropractor’s purpose is ensuring that the flow of vital information from your brain to your body occurs without interference so that your body can function and heal like it was designed to. To be healthy it is essential that your nervous system functions properly and is free from any interference caused by subluxations.


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Innate Health Chiropractic | Perrysburg, Ohio

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Innate Health Chiropractic is a family wellness center focusing on pediatrics, pregnancy & family care. With a commitment to excellence, our mission is to create the healthiest community through principled chiropractic care, We’ve created a fun, healing atmosphere where children and adults get excited about their health journey. Our goal is to empower parents and all individuals to achieve their health goals and reach their God given health potential. We combine state of the art technology with modern chiropractic care to provide you and your family with the most exceptional experience. Chiropractic care allows your body to heal naturally from the inside out and function the way it was designed to. With the body’s innate ability to heal itself and through embracing the 4 Pillars to Health, we believe you can achieve your true wellness potential!

Clinger Chiropractic Center | Findlay, Ohio

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Dr. Lynsi Clinger is dedicated to promoting wellness with a focus on pregnancy and pediatrics.   As a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, she has studied extensively to provide families with outstanding natural health care.  In our kid-friendly environment, you will feel like a member of our family the moment you walk in the door.  Want to learn more?  Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lynsi!

Precision Spinal Care | Perrysburg, Ohio


Have you ever wondered if your family can benefit from chiropractic care? Come see how Precision Spinal Care is using state of the art 3-D imaging and nervous system assessments to treat more than just neck pain, back pain, and headaches! Dysfunction in the body’s nervous system can contribute to such conditions as: colic/reflux, difficulty nursing, chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies, SPD, ADHD and much more. Precision Spinal Care is here to serve every member of your family, whether it’s a child struggling with ADHD or mom and dad dealing with chronic migraines or back pain. Schedule your free consultation today and experience the difference!

Toledo Area Chiropractors

Toledo Chiropractic, LLC

The Joint Chiropractic

Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

1st Choice Chiropractic

Fields Chiropractic

Mc Mahon Chiropractic Health

Sylvania Area Chiropractors

The Wellness Corner

Sylvania Chiropractic

Healthy Family Chiropractic

Hedges Chiropractic Family Practice

Harmony Chiropractic Center

Buberniak Chiropractic

Perrysburg Area Chiropractors

Perrysburg Chiropractic, INC

Engel Chiropractic Inc

Fort Meigs Family Chiropractic

Boneyard Chiropractic Clinic

Turning Point Chiropractic, LLC

Well Balanced Chiropractic

Maumee Area Chiropractors

Bentley Chiropractic, INC

Heatherdowns Chiropractic Wellness Center

New Life Spine Center

Bowling Green Area Chiropractors

Bowling Green Chiropractic Center

Nagel Chiropractic Center

Huntington Chiropractic Center and Wellness

Findlay Area Chiropractors

Findlay Family Chiro Clinic

Blanchard Valley Chiropractic

Back To Health Chiropractic Center

Lima Area Chiropractors

Stemen Chiropractic Center

Jicha Chiropractic

Rabe Chiropractic Clinic

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