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In a few weeks my husband, daughter, and I are flying to meet up with my in-laws in Florida. Flying with children can be a little hectic and I am a mom who likes to be prepared for what ever meltdown is thrown my way. I tend to be an over-packer, but a prepared momma.

Last year when Ruth was 4 months we took this same trip to Florida, and instead of us flying out of one of the larger airport we chose to fly out of a smaller airport – Toledo Airport. WE LOVED flying from the smaller airport, and here is why:

  • Parking was easy + it was close to the entrance
  • When we walked in we didn’t wait in line for very long – if at all
  • Their TSA was hands down the fasted TSA check I have ever gone through
  • My favorite part – you didn’t have to walk a mile to your terminal

Needless to say, we will be flying out of Toledo again this year. When booking this flight we did opt-in for a seat upgrade – my daughter will be on my lap. Since Ruth is bigger + more mobile we upgraded our seats to the comfort seating in the front of the plane. We also chose the very first row so she can stretch her legs out a walk around if needed and so diaper changes are easier.

If you are flying with your little one soon here is a list of my go to’s for Traveling + Flying with a toddler!


  • BABY CARRIER – Having the babywearing option helps you stay hands-free during the times you need your hands the most. During the boarding + exiting of the plane, I wear the carrier to be able to grab the diaper bag, my purse, extra backpack, etc…
    Flying with a toddler

    • Sakura Bloom Scout is our new favorite baby carrier. I wish I would have had this when Ruth was an infant because it is a much more manageable way to wear your little. It is adjustable in four different areas – can be worn on your front or your back – has a detachable sleep/sun hood – can carry through the infant and the toddler stages.
    • For other babywearing options we also really love the Ring Slings.

  • STROLLER – Let me just tell you, I have learned my lesson on bringing the world’s most difficult stroller to the airport. When Ruth was small we traveled with her Chicco travel system (infant car seat + attachable stroller) and as a new mom, it was a lot to handle. It broke down into 3 pieces and checking each of them separately was just craziness. Now, we travel with a stroller that collapses in a push of a button.
    • Urbini Reversi Stroller from Walmart is my go-to stroller – it is in the back of my car at all times. This stroller can be forward or rear-facing – has an extra-long canopy – the seat can be positioned in three different ways. Literally, hands down my best purchase.
    • We purchased a red gate check stroller bag to keep our stroller clean and easy to find.
  • CARSEAT – This will be the first year we are traveling without our infant car seat, and I have been doing a lot of research to find the perfect toddler travel seat. Let’s be honest, car seats are not cheap and nor should they be. For our vehicles, we have the Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat featuring TrueShield Side Impact Technology. We love this seat, but let me tell you what – it is built like a tank. With this extra travel seat, it will be perfect for grandma + grandpas vehicles, as well as, our travels.
    • Here is my checklist for my perfect travel seat search:
      • Lightweight
      • Able to use forward & rear facing – I wanted a car seat that is able to grow with her
      • Easy to install
      • Needs to have good customer reviews
    • Here is what we decided to go with because it met all our perfect travel seat checklist: Graco Admiral 65 Convertible Car Seat
    • We also purchased a red gate check car seat travel bag for the seat just like we did for our stroller. This will keep the car seat clean and will be easy to find.


  • RUTH’S DRINKS & SNACKS – Annies Bunnies, Gogo squeeZ pouches, fruit – clementines & bananas, Veggie Straws, her water cup, her milk cup, and a thermos for her extra milk.
  • MOMMY/DADDY DRINKS & SNACKS – Gum, fruit – clementines, pretzels, and our refillable water bottles.


  • TABLET – Typically we would just bring our iPad, but for Christmas this year we bought Ruth a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet. This tablet has a pretty heavy-duty protective outer case and is strictly kid-friendly. From books, games, and movies this was perfect for her.
    • Fun fact – Disney+ is an approved downloadable app and you can download shows or movies to watch without WiFi. I am assuming Moana is what will be played there and back.
    • For Christmas, my sister bought Ruth kid-friendly headphones for her tablet that are more of a wrap-around headband, and she forgets they are on. They are called CozyPhones Kids Headphones and they come in so many different styles. Ruth has the pink unicorn!
  • BUCKLE TOY – Ruth is obsessed with anything that has a zipper or a buckle on it so we found her a buckle toy: Bella Square.
  • TODDLER BACKPACK – We found the cutest little backpack for Ruth to wear that buckles in the front and has an attachable leash. I get it. Really a leash? Listen, in a crowd of people sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Also, she loves wearing this backpack around the house.
  • BABIES – Right now we are in a phase where all dolls and stuffed animals are “babies.” So a baby is a must, and her favorites are the Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties. She also has these little 3-inch plastic princesses – Moana, Ana, & Elsa – that I found in the checkout line at Walmart. She loves them.


  • AZARIA LA MÈRE TOTE – favorite diaper bag
  • DISINFECTING WIPES – for the seat
  • STROLLER HOOKS – for the diaper bag to clip to the stroller
  • HONEST COMPANY HEALING BALM – my go-to for everything
  • EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES – I usually pack onesie pajamas

There you have it! A travelers guide for the prepared momma.

Until next time friends!
– Haley Reese

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Haley Reese
Haley Reese is a wife to her high school sweetheart Kyle and together they have a beautiful daughter Ruth. She is also a salon owner in Downtown Bowling Green, works full time behind the chair, and also educates other stylists in their own businesses. The beauty industry holds a huge place in her heart because she loves making people feel comfortable in their own skin. When she’s not in the salon you can find her getting in her exercise at TJ Max or Target, playing babies with her daughter, or relaxing with a glass of wine with her husband. If you would like to follow along with Haley add her on Instagram @thebasicblonde_ where she posts hair inspirations + cute pictures of her daughter!


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