National Love Your Red Hair Day



I’ll start out by being completely honest – being a redhead hasn’t always had its perks.  There were times growing up where I absolutely hated my red hair.  Why couldn’t I have that beautiful blonde shine or flowing locks of auburn that my friends had?  As I’ve gotten older, I have totally learned to appreciate my red hair.  In fact, I’ve had people beg me to tell them what color I use to achieve these fiery strands.  I just reply with, “It’s all natural,” and continue to be thankful for the head of hair I have.

So why not have a day to celebrate loving your red hair?  That’s what November 5th is all about!

In 2015, two sisters named Adrienne & Stephanie Vendetti wanted people to be proud of their red hair.  This was after there were negative posts online regarding the term ‘ginger.’  All of their effort went into creating a website called, “How To Be a Redhead.”  Thanks to them, Love Your Red Hair Day was born!

Believe it or not, being a redhead is quite scientific.

It’s all about your genes!  “If both your parents were born with the mutated MC1R gene on Chromosome 16, you’re probably a redhead.”  Now that’s some science!  It’s also said that many redheads are left-handers, as well (true for me!).

Being a redhead dates back to tens of thousands of years ago.

“In historical folklore, redheads were often accused of being witches…”  I’m not confirming nor denying that fact, but we are quite rare.  “Less than 2% of the worlds population has red hair.”  Scotland contains the highest percentage of redheads with over 13% & Ireland in a close second with 10%.

If you’d like to check out the Vendetti sisters website for yourself, head over to  You can even subscribe to a monthly or quarterly beauty box where you’ll be given products that look incredible with your red hair!

So take that hair out of your messy bun & let your vivacious red hair gleam on November 5th to celebrate Love Your Red Hair Day!





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