Neighborhood Easter Egg and Bunny Hunt


This Easter we may not be able to attend large scale Easter egg hunts but with a little help around our communities, we can go on a large Easter egg hunt all while practicing our social distancing. It is time for…drum roll, please…

Neighborhood Easter Egg & Bunny Hunts

Everyone get your communities engaged in a project that helps get our kids creative and focuses on family time! This will be a project that we will be adding to throughout the next couple of weeks and will end in a big scavenger hunt throughout your neighborhoods! Each week we will provide coloring sheets for your families to color and post in your windows so that your neighbors can go find your beautiful creations on their scavenger hunt.

March 28-29th

Download an Easter Egg color page to decorate and display in your windows!

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

April 3-4th

Download a Bunny coloring page to decorate and display in your windows!

Bunny Coloring Pages

April 10-11th

Go on an egg and bunny hunt through your neighborhood! For this Easter weekend, find time to walk through your neighborhood and take pictures and tag Toledo Moms in all of the colorful and beautiful eggs and bunnies that you find on your walk.

There are blank options available for you to be as creative as you would like! Throughout the week, Create: Art + Workshop in Perrysburg will be broadcasting different techniques throughout the weeks to give your kids even more creative ideas.

Join us in celebrating our community by coming together to participate in our NEIGHBORHOOD EASTER EGG AND BUNNY HUNT!


Thank you to Create: Art + Workshop for partnering with us.

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Caitlin Sworden
Caitlin is a high school English teacher and the owner of Caitlin Breann Photography. She lives in Haskins with her husband Tyler, nine-year-old stepson Xander, and her one-year-old daughter Eliza. When she isn’t at the hockey rink cheering on her stepson or on location photographing the beautiful families and seniors of Northwest, Ohio, she loves her target runs, dancing to Elmo with her daughter, or re-watching her favorite show: How I Met Your Mother. Follow along with her photography journey at @caitlinbreannphotography


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