New Years Resolutions: Mama Style


How are those resolutions coming? You know, those list of goals that you put together on December 20 and vowed to stick to, starting on January 1? Some of you may be killing it while some of you are barely treading to keep you head above the water. I’m with the latter.

My goals of being intentional, exercising more, getting out of the house once a day, and cooking healthy meals for our family, all went flying out the window on January 1. Why might you ask? Oh well simply because my daughter woke up January 1, pretty sick. Really sick in fact. Three days later, she still was not getting any better. I mean COME ON she JUST had the stomach flu. So take a wild guess at what set in? Worries (lots of them), sleeplessness, and exhaustion and YES they all don’t mix quite well with accomplishing those new years goals, so I decided that I had to put them on hold.

A few weeks later, and voila, my daughter is healthy now, and guess what? I still have those DAUNTING list of goals. What am I going to do with those goals? Instead of crumpling them up and throwing them away, I’m going to hop back into where I left off on January 1. Am I a failure? No. Did I start my year off on a horrible note? No. Should I have powered through my daughter’s sickness to accomplish everything? NO, NO and NO. Silence those small voices telling you that you aren’t doing a fantastic job of being a mama and know that you have got this. We are all born with an intuitive sense, and its our job to follow that intuition. If your heart is telling you to stay home to be with your baby, then stay home. If your heart is telling you that you can accomplish your goals and manage a sick baby, then do it.

For those mamas who may be having a hard time crushing those goals, please just GIVE. YOURSELF. GRACE. 2020 can be a year of change, if you let it be. Lets silence those fears of failure, the fears of not being the best mom that we can be, and the fears of losing ourselves in the midst of it all. Let’s replace all of the fleeting negativity, that can fill our minds with these ten, simple, positive thoughts.

  1. You’re a wonderful mom.
  2. You have learned the true definition of selflessness.
  3. You can balance 1,000 things, in a given day.
  4. You can have lazy days.
  5. You are building a life filled with love for your baby.
  6. You can have days where you eat chocolate and binge Netflix.
  7. You are such a hard worker.
  8. You are a fantastic mom.
  9. You are a fantastic mom.
  10. You are a fantastic mom.

Write it on your mirror, and write it on your hearts. YOU are a fantastic mom. You’re doing a wonderful job. Give yourself grace. Listen to your intuition. 2020 is going to be a heck of a year, simply because you claimed it would be.

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Jenna Sims
Jenna Sims is a stay at home momma who currently resides in Maumee, Ohio with her husband Grant and daughter Sadie. Together, they enjoy exploring Toledo’s metro parks, scoping out some killer food at local restaurants, and finding fun events to attend within their community. When they aren’t exploring their community, Jenna and Grant are slaving away on their new fixer-upper. Check out their journey on Instagram @thisoldbrickhouse. Aside from renovations, Jenna is passionate about fitness, being outdoors, and anything vintage or antique related; especially shopping at local estate sales and the Maumee Antique Mall.


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