Snow Day Survival Kit


It’s a random Tuesday in January (or April) in Northwest Ohio, and our kids are anxiously watching the morning news with their pajamas on inside out (yes, that’s a thing) while you pace back-and-forth in the kitchen. The meteorologist appears on the screen to inform viewers that your county is under a Level 3 snow emergency, all schools are closed, and only essential employees should be on the road. The kid’s shriek with excitement and you plaster on a fake smile while you think to yourself, “Oh, crap. How am I going to keep these children entertained all day without losing my mind?”

We’ve all been there: ill-prepared for the latest snowstorm and left stuck in the house with tiny humans with even tinier attention spans. Until now, that is…

Let me introduce to you my Snow Day Survival Kit. As a working mother of three with a teacher husband, there have been many snow days where I traveled to work leaving my panicked husband staring longingly at me as I pulled out of the driveway. So this one is for you, Hunny, because mama put together this fantastic Snow Day Survival Kit that is sure to get you through the day with your sanity mostly intact.

Below are the items and activities I recommend for any kit (but do personalize for your family), with a brief description and/or supply list for each!

  1. Snowman in a Jar

This easy Snowman in a Jar is perfect to keep in your kit.

  1. Hot Chocolate & Mugs

Obviously. Add marshmallows, whipped cream or sprinkles because snow days are special occasions.

  1. Microwaveable Popcorn

Pop up some popcorn to enjoy while watching a movie (quiet time); maybe you will even coax a nap! Some of my favorite snow day movies include Ice Age, Happy Feet, Frozen, Home Alone, any from the Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia.

  1. Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Print or pin this recipe; it is actually very tasty and very easy!

  1. New Book(s)

Keeping with the theme, I chose The Snowy Day, but anything age-appropriate will do.

  1. Brownie Mix

Baking together is the perfect way to kill an hour while cooped up inside on a snowy day. Toss in your favorite brownie mix and just be sure you have eggs and oil on hand!

  1. Blanket Fort

I added this one for nostalgia. Were you ever even a kid if you didn’t collect all of the blankets and chairs in your house and built a fort? Grab a flashlight and tell stories or eat lunch inside!

  1. Snow Paint

All you need for this activity is liquid food coloring, squeeze bottles and water. Squirt a few drops of food coloring into each bottle, then carefully add water leaving about an inch of space from the top. Replace the lid and cap until ready to use. Let your kids get creative by creating designs, squiggles, and pictures in the snow.


*Food coloring will stain.

  1. Paper Snowflakes

Do you remember making these as a child? Add some plain white paper and safety scissors to your kit and show your kids how to fold and cut the paper until it creates a snowflake. Check out these instructions if you need a refresher course (I certainly did).

  1. Sledding

Dust off the sleds and head to your favorite snow hill or just pull your kids around in the yard. This is a great activity to do right before naptime!

Gather all of these items (the ones that fit) or print the instructions, and put them in a container so you are prepared for the next time you wake up to five inches of snow that no one seemed to predict! Below is a graphic you can pin or print, as well.

While the activities included in my kit are sure to keep your kids busy for the majority of their snow day, if there is another one tomorrow, all I can offer are good vibes!



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