Stuck Inside? Beat the Winter Blues with Some Indoor Family Fun!


Tell me if you’ve experienced this scenario before: your kids wake up and see that there is snow on the ground. They beg you to go outside. After hours of delaying, you finally agree that they can go outside. You spend 20-30 minutes helping them bundle up for the tundra-like conditions on the other side of the door. Someone has a melt-down about their sweatshirt being bunched up in their sleeve. Finally, you release them and enjoy your cold coffee in peace, until 5-10 minutes later, they come knocking on the door and begging to be let back in. No? Is it just me?

I am a fan of going outside on any day and in any weather, but when it’s really cold outside, I can’t blame my kids for not wanting to spend more than 10 minutes out at a time. And while my ideal ‘family time’ would be spent having a picnic in a picturesque field in 75-degree weather, winter in Northwest Ohio is not exactly conducive to that. Our family has had to come up with some cozy alternative ways to spend time together in the Winter. Here are a few ideas you might like to try, too!

  1. Family Game Night! Our kids are young, so we are by no means playing “Settlers of Catan,” but we do enjoy a rousing game of “Go Fish” or “Crazy Eights,” or “Yahtzee.” Bust out the snacks and a few game options, and have fun (again, with young kids, this rarely lasts more than 20 minutes in our house, but at least the prep doesn’t involve special snow pants that somehow cause your child to have to use the bathroom AFTER they put them on).
  2. Build a Fort. What is it about a fort that makes everything so much cozier? To be clear, I am not a great fort-maker. If my husband is gone, the kids get frustrated with my [lack of] building skills. Still, we usually manage to come up with something that works. Blankets, couch cushions, and pillows are all you need to get started with this fun activity!
  3. Build an obstacle course! Maybe I have been watching too much Bluey, but an obstacle course can be a great way to burn some kid-energy and laugh together as a family. Make sure you take turns running through the course in order to avoid any collisions, and time each other for a little friendly competition!
  4. Have a hot chocolate bar. Simple hot chocolate mix, cool whip, leftover Christmas candy canes, and some sprinkles (and definitely ice cubes for those eager kids!) can gather everyone into the kitchen for some family time.
  5. Dance Party. I may not be the best at building forts, but what I lack in architectural skills I make up for in dance moves. Maybe there is an age threshold where kids will find a Dance Party with their parents embarrassing instead of fun, but you never know until you try!

Do you and your family have any favorite indoor activities? Leave a comment and share!


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