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Let’s talk about something most women wear daily, and something none of us is a big fan of… Bras. My favorite thing about bras is taking them off the minute I walk through the door. Unfortunately, going out into most public places kind of makes them a necessity.

I have my personal favorites, but right now I’m pregnant and bra shopping is on my to-do list. Before purchasing, I decided to do some online research and ask other Toledo Moms contributors what bras they actually like. I wanted to know their hidden gems. You know, those bras that make wearing a bra a little less miserable. Us ladies currently have the added struggle of most fitting rooms not being open right now. Personally, I don’t want to order a ton of bras just to ship them back the next day. So, I thought that a narrowed-down list of bras to shop for would be a huge help for myself and other moms or moms to-be.

Everyday Bras

Spanx Pillow Cup Bra

This is my personal favorite “nice” bra that I love for when I’m not pregnant. It is pretty comfortable as far as bras go, and it really gives a nice lift and push-up that is very flattering. The website notes that the padding in the cups is made of gel. This gel component is supposed to make them comfortable and natural-looking, which I can attest to.

Hanes Women’s Smoothtex Foam Wireless Bra

I wear this bra as an everyday bra not pregnant. I can wear it the whole day without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable. There is enough support to wear pregnant, so I may just size up and wear this throughout pregnancy as well. Don’t just take my word for it, the reviews for this bra online are great. It has rave reviews from both small and large chested ladies.

Third Love

You can’t get more praise than, “the most comfortable bra that I’ve ever owned”, which a fellow TM contributor commented. It was also noted that they have a great return policy and customer service, which is extremely important for an online business. I personally have not purchased from them yet, but I’ve been eying them after reading all of the great reviews.

Mae Racerback Lace Bralette

This bralette is my personal go-to. It’s great for around the house and under tanks/dresses in the summer. The bralette is cute enough that I don’t mind the straps showing. It is also comfortable enough to wear all day. The style I like has an allover lace overlay, but they have other styles throughout Amazon if that’s not your thing.

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras aren’t solely for nursing (although obviously, the ease of nursing in them is the primary benefit). Many moms I’ve talked to buy these during pregnancy. Buying early and wearing during pregnancy and after is a great way to save money. Don’t buy separate maternity and nursing bras if you don’t have to! Some moms even mentioned that they wore these long after they were done nursing due to the comfort factor. Comfort and bra aren’t two words that often go together, so it’s enough to make me add them to my recommendations.

Kindred Bravely French Terry Sleep and Nursing Bra

The Kindred nursing bra was recommended to me by another contributor. It was noted as being comfortable, and great for most moms because they come in a large array of sizes. This bra is made primarily of soft bamboo fabric and it allows for one-handed, pull-aside breastfeeding access. This appears to be a mom-favorite as the website shows it has won a large number of awards. These awards include the Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Winner, Verywell Family Best Nursing Sleep Bra, Experienced Mommy Best Product, and What to Expect Sleep Award Winner.

Ollie Gray

These were noted as a “must-have favorite” if you are pumping in particular by a fellow mom. The website notes that their “anywhere bra” is designed to effortlessly hide under your favorite tops. It has a secure pump design that adds a level of freedom that only comes with truly hands-free pumping.


The Bamboobies brand of bras came up in nearly all my searches for good nursing bras. This bra gets its name from the nursing features (clasps and drop-down cups with removable cup pads). It is made from renewable bamboo fabric. The reviews state that this is an extremely comfortable around-the-house nursing bra. My favorite review states that it fits like a sports bra, but the added cups keep you from having the dreaded uniboob. The commenters also stress that purchasers should follow the size chart provided in order to get the best fit.

Torrid 360 Nursing Bra

Another fellow Toledo Mom’s contributor noted that as a plus-size mama that she was ecstatic to discover that the store Torrid started carrying nursing bras. The website states that this nursing bra is super soft and maintains all-day comfort without sacrificing style. The bra is designed with a 360° Back Smoothing™ technology and with peel-back cups ideal for nursing mothers.

What is your favorite bra? Did it make this list? If not share with me, I’d love to hear!

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