You Are Enough, and So Is Your Home


You are enough.  We’ve all heard this in one form or another across social media platforms.  It’s found in captions under photos, on t-shirts, and on letterboards.  It’s spoken by other moms and women-owned businesses.  All making sure to remind us that despite how we may feel about ourselves, we are, in fact, enough.

But you know what else is enough?

Your Home

Yes, your home is enough.  In a social media-filled world of spacious living areas, open floor plans, all-white everything, and rooms dripping with natural light, you may feel like your home is failing.  But just like we need a reminder to give ourselves grace, we need to take a step back and give our homes some grace.  (And yes, I realize this essentially means giving yourself even more grace. But stay with me here.)

Maybe you’re beating yourself up because your kitchen is in a constant state of disarray. Dirty dishes, counters covered in cups and small appliances, and the “catch-all” section that makes you cringe every time you look at it.  

Or maybe you’re wishing you had a picture-perfect playroom.  One with cute little cubbies and bins, and perfectly arranged independent-play-inspiring toys.  Oh and a color-coordinated rug.  And a play couch.  And an indoor swing.  I could go on, but I shouldn’t.  If this sounds like your playroom, that’s wonderful, but if it doesn’t, that’s perfectly okay, too.  

Or maybe you don’t love your floor plan, or another room in your house, or your yard.  There are so many pictures of perfectly arranged and manicured homes floating all over social media, it becomes nearly impossible not to compare.  It reminds me of a quote I recently heard, “comparison is the thief of joy.”  It is a little blunt and a whole lot of powerful.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t need this in my life.   So I’ve found a couple of ways to avoid this, or at least deter it a little. 

Make Small Changes

I’m not saying to ignore all these things to the point that they become a true source of unhappiness, but to instead give yourself some grace while you focus on one small area at a time.  Take a walk through your home and find the area that would be the easiest to update.  Whether it means some new organization and re-arranging, a fresh coat of paint, or a cozy rest space for yourself, start there.  And once you’re done, use that sense of accomplishment as your motivation to keep going.  

Remember What Matters

Try to remember that your kids don’t see the mess–they just see a kitchen full of food and snacks, and a mom who makes it all possible.  They don’t see the messy toy bins or haphazardly placed items– they just see a play space full of their favorite things.  They see a mom who’s choosing to be present instead of using all her spare time to keep a perfect house.

And while you’re working on those small changes, you can choose to focus on all the good that your home brings.  Like a place to make and eat meals, a place to rest your head, and a place for your kids to play.  Most importantly, a place to raise your family.  

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Sarah Fruth
Sarah is a farmer’s wife and a stay at home mom who resides in New Riegel with her husband, Steve, and daughter Hestenne. The family is also expecting their second child in May. They live in a rural area surrounded by fields, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Living with them on their small farm are horses, several chickens and ducks, dogs, a few barn cats, and a goat. Sarah loves to read, write, ride her horses when she can, and get engulfed in small home projects. In an effort to maintain balance and sanity, she is constantly working towards simplifying her family’s life and home. Sarah and her daughter are regulars at their local library’s playgroup and spend a lot of time visiting Daddy on the tractor. She is a believer in natural and holistic health practices and enjoys learning more about them. Sarah is also very passionate about natural health, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. She is a firm believer in self-advocacy, knowledge, and support through all stages of motherhood. She blogs about her family’s lifestyle and motherhood at Follow her @theruralredhead.


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