The Working Mom


I remember when I was pregnant, my brother got married. I was able to finally meet his Step-Mom, who lives in Florida, but trained as a nurse at a hospital local to me. That connection that we had, made me feel so comfortable, and I think her as well because she imparted some wisdom to me that day.

“I often tell my employees, when they are pregnant, that if they are able to make it so they don’t have to come back to work after baby gets here, to do it. Because they won’t want to come back to work once the baby has arrived.”

I pause often, and ask myself why I didn’t listen.

My husband and I both work full time. We had many, many, many, many, many tearful conversations about what to do once our child arrived. Do I quit? I’d be holding the affordable health insurance, so I can’t quit. Do I go down to part time? They don’t offer benefits for part time. (See where I am going here?). In order to provide for my daughter, and give her the best that my husband and I knew how, I had to continue working.

The search was on for a care provider. Luckily, my husband’s mother and sister stepped in to help a few days. Then, we were contacted by an awesome gal, who we have connections with at our local church, who would be able to watch our daughter the other days we needed.

When I tell you, missing those cuddles and those baby snuggles hurt, it hurt. My heart still aches at what I have missed, but- we are better for it. We chose our care providers. We made sure that our daughter was with people who cared and loved her. That made all the difference and gave us peace.

Our daughter thrives in the care of my husband’s mother and our care provider. She is able to spend time with her grandparents, her cousin, and then with other children. Seeing her happy at the end of a day, is what makes my heart swell.

Mama, I know it’s hard. I know that you and your spouse are doing all that you can to make it work. But, if you can’t force that square peg into a round hole, know that your kiddo is better for it. Being a working mom,  being a mom- it’s tough. The outside influences of this world tend to make it feel like we should all be “leave it to beaver” style families, and that’s just not true anymore. Allow your kiddo to see you thrive, mama. Do you love your job? Good. Keep at it. Your daughters, your sons, they see how hard you work and what you bring to the table. So, keep going.

You may have days where you want to quit, but you have circumstances that won’t allow that, or you just don’t want to lose your career, so keep going.

Your kid may be sick, and all they want is their mama, but you can’t leave work. Did you chose your trusted care provider? Good. So trust them. Keep going.

When you just want to take a sick day to cuddle your kid and take them to the zoo? Do it. You work hard, honey- hopefully your income allows you to save for a zoo membership.

We all have different circumstances surrounding why we may be working moms. Some of us want that career, and we don’t want to let our progress die. Some of us just have to, and that’s okay.

*Note*- I came from a mother who stayed at home, so please know, SAHMs- you ALSO rock this. 10/10 could not do what you do, I just wanted to talk about my personal experience as a working mom 🙂


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