Tips on how to Make Resolutions


It’s that time again to make resolutions for the new year ahead. Every year we make new ones and after a month or two (or maybe less) they go out the window. This year will be different because I made a list of a few tips making it easier to stick to it.

1. Start small

No one said you have to write down EVERY goal you want to get done for the year. It is okay to pick just a couple to start out with and then once you check those off you can add more. Smaller goals build to bigger goals. An example: A big goal would be eating healthier. Start with adding a vegetable to a lunch meal for the month of January. Then, once that is accomplished add a vegetable to dinner, once that is accomplished add an extra 8oz. of water a day and so on.

2. Write out  goals on paper and put it where it is seen most.

Writing something out on paper makes it easier to remember. Also, keeping it where it is seen most helps to stay accountable. It doesn’t have to be just a piece of paper with blue or black ink. Pick fun colors for each goal that pop. An Example: Write out the goals with a favorite color and then put it on the refrigerator where it will be seen every time you go grab something to eat.

3. Find accountability

There are tons of accountability groups on social media however, they have so many members especially during the first couple months of each year that it’s probably a good idea to stay clear of them. It may be more benefitable to find a friend or family member to be accountable to. Make sure it is someone who is trustworthy and honest. Someone who is just going to shrug off the “bad days” is probably not going to help keep you on track. An example: A friend that is working on the same type of goals is a great accountability partner. A significant other that is not interested probably not a good choice.

4. Do not force others to join

Many times people want to try to get their significant other or friends to join in on their resolutions. This may cause both parties to fail. First, the one that is forced to join them will not have the drive to complete the goal and give up quickly. Second, the one who forced the other into the goal will lose motivation because the other is not doing it with them. An example: A wife that forces their husband to do a workout program with them. It may start out fine and both parties may do the workout together the first couple days. Then, the husband decides that they rather spend their free time playing a video game with friends or going to the golf course and stop working out. They don’t have the same motivation so they won’t stick with it.

5. Learn from what doesn’t work

In the words of Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

If something is not working, just try a different way. Or a workout program is boring try a different one. Even a vegetable you have tried 5 different ways still doesn’t taste good try a different vegetable. There’s no rule that says this is the way this goal has to be accomplished. Learn from these “failures” but don’t give up entirely if the goal is important.

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Rochelle Roth
Rochelle was born and raised in South Toledo. She is married to the older boy next door, Craig, and they have two daughters together, Jael and Rossalyn (aka Roz or Rozi). They also have two pets, a cat Xavier and a dog Roxi. Rochelle works at a local hospital as a nursing assistant full time. In her free time you will find her with a coffee from a local coffee shop in one hand and a book in the other. Her favorite books to read are; romance, young adult and anything Dystopian. She also enjoys taking her family on adventures to new places!


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