Tips To Beat the “End of Summer Blues”


As the days grow shorter and the sun starts to set earlier, the realization dawns upon us that the carefree days of summer are coming to an end. For moms, this time can often bring mixed emotions – relief at the prospect of getting back into a regular routine, but also a tinge of sadness as the precious moments of the summer break slip away. However, fret not, dear mommas! There’s still time to create wonderful memories with your little ones and make the most out of the final weeks of summer. In this blog post, we’ll explore some exciting and meaningful ways to savor every last drop of this summer break season.

1. Plan a Mini Adventure:

Summer’s end doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. There is still time to get one more mini trip scheduled. Plan a mini adventure with your family to make the most of the remaining days. Set up a night of camping at Maumee Bay. Visit Cedar Point and make a whole weekend of it by staying overnight and hitting the water park the second day. Drive up to Sleeping Bear Dunes and take in the beauty that our northern neighbor has to offer.

2. Create a Summer Memory Scrapbook:

Gather the pictures and mementos from your summer adventures, no matter how small, and create a special summer memory scrapbook with your children. Let them participate in arranging the photos, adding drawings, and writing little captions. This collaborative effort will not only be a cherished keepsake but will also provide a wonderful bonding experience and reflection of all the things you did do together. Shop Here

3. Create an “End of Summer” Bucket List:

What is left that the kids would still like to do, near or maybe far, that you  could schedule in? Aim for close activities or even family favorites at home to make it more manageable. Hop on to see a list of all the Metroparks and see which ones you have yet to see this summer and make a schedule to hit each of the remaining ones these final weeks. Or even the first couple weekends into the school year. That gives everyone something to still look forward to as a family. Maybe it’s a fire out back roasting marshmallows. Maybe it’s a Family bike ride you never got around to. Simple doesn’t mean unworthy of the list.

4. Explore Local Events or Local Favorites:

Make one last trip to the Toledo Zoo. Check out local community events happening in your area during the final weeks of summer. Farmers Market anyone? The German American Festival along with many more area Fairs and Festivals are still coming up in these final weeks. Attending these events not only allows your family to have a great time but also helps in building a sense of community and connection with fellow parents and kids. Check out social media weekly for updates on upcoming events for the weekdays and weekends! You can also check out our NWO Moms guide to the county fair schedule on our IG Page Here.

As summer fades away, embrace the opportunity to create meaningful moments with your children during the final weeks. Whether it’s exploring new places, engaging in creative projects, enjoying quality family time, or simply reflecting on the wonderful memories you’ve made, there are countless ways to beat the summer break blues. Make this season’s end a celebration of the precious time you’ve spent together and the bonds you’ve strengthened as a family. Remember, while summer may be ending, the love and joy of parenting endure year-round. Happy parenting, mama!


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