Why Choosing To Spend Time Alone For Mother’s Day

Every year there are ads for great Mothers’ Day gifts from flowers, cards, and candy to gorgeous jewelry and everything in between. One market that surprisingly isn’t used very much though is mom getaways. It’s a day to honor your mother so why not send her away on a trip by herself!A few years back I did just that! I took a trip with some mom friends without kids and it was by far the best gift I could’ve gotten.

No responsibility

All year long we cook meals, we make sure the kids are to school and extra curriculars on time. However, a weekend trip alone gives you 48 hours with only having to be responsible for yourself. No rushing, no head counting none of that. Just responsible for yourself.

Trying new things

It is the perfect time to go out and try something new without having a significant other or kids complaining about it. For example, a new restaurant opened up that one of the kids or your significant other likes what they serve, you can invite a mom friend or go by yourself and enjoy the food without any complaints and also its a bit quieter too.

Enjoy the outdoors

There’s so much to do in May because the weather gets warm. Renting a cabin with some friends and go hiking nearby or even some of the natural parks have lodges you can rent a room for the weekend and they have beautiful trails to walk on, kayaks to rent, and even golf courses. It’s easier to take your time and enjoy the outdoors without having the worry about the kids needing sunscreen or a life vest by the water. It really can calm your mind.

A chance to read a book

When was the last time you were able to pick up a book and read for more than a couple minutes? A weekend away could mean getting some of the book you have been meaning to read finished or at least half way read.

Binge watch a favorite show or start a new one

So many people have recommended awesome shows on streaming to watch but either a significant other isn’t in to it or the kid are interrupting, or lets be honest, the kids should not be even in the room when its on. Getting away you could bring a laptop or a tablet or even a roku and watch your shows in a comfortable hotel bed with snacks and no one to bother you.

In conclusion

In conclusion, a weekend away is a great Mother’s Day gift for many reasons. It gives a mom the chance to do things she doesn’t usually get to do like binge watch a favorite show, read a book, enjoy the outdoors, or try something new. Also, they will come back well rested and relaxed to parent again. Lastly, they will feel appreciated because the people in lives realize how much they need a break sometimes too.

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Rochelle Roth
Rochelle was born and raised in South Toledo. She is married to the older boy next door, Craig, and they have two daughters together, Jael and Rossalyn (aka Roz or Rozi). They also have two pets, a cat Xavier and a dog Roxi. Rochelle works at a local hospital as a nursing assistant full time. In her free time you will find her with a coffee from a local coffee shop in one hand and a book in the other. Her favorite books to read are; romance, young adult and anything Dystopian. She also enjoys taking her family on adventures to new places!


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