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Finding a new house comes with such mixed emotions. The excitement of the next chapter in your lives and new space to see your family grow and flourish. However, it can also be a time of nervousness and apprehension. How do we make the right decision? What does the process look like? How do we navigate this with kids?

Maybe you have bought a home before, but when it is your first home and you don’t have kids yet the process can be different. Your priorities are different. 419 Living with Kaitlin Keiser is dedicated to not just help guide you through the home buying process, but navigating those waters with your children. As parents, our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our children. Here are some helpful tips that Kaitlin offers for when it comes time for you to start thinking about the homebuying process.

Things to consider when moving with children:

  • Floor Plan —
    • Bedroom placement
    • Open concept for clear eyesight of kids
    • Plan for indoor play areas for winter days
    • If there are stairs, is there a way to gate them off if need be?
  • Storage —
    • Think about where you keep holiday decorations, sports equipment, toys, and seasonal clothing
  • Location —
    • Check school district ratings
    • Check proximity to amenities
    • Are there other families in the neighborhood that your kids could play with?
    • Check Nation Sex Offender registration
    • Drive by the home in busy hours to assess traffic
  • Yard —
    • Kids need room to play outside, will you have easy eyesight to the back yard?
    • Is there a fence?
    • Are there sidewalks in the neighborhood?

Tips to get through the process smoothly with children:

  • Get pre-approved before you start looking (this will help you set a budget and sellers won’t take you seriously without a pre-approval).  Don’t be afraid to shop for rates. Different lenders offer different rates!
  • Choose a realtor that will listen to your needs and be concerned with finding you something that works best for your family (remember, using a buyer’s agent is free! The seller pays their commission)
  • See the homes for the first time without the kids, if possible. This will allow you to tour with minimal distraction.  Once you have narrowed it down to your top choices, it is a good idea to bring the kids for a tour. You may be surprised by what they notice and it will help them get excited about moving.
  • If you tour with the kids and they require car seats and other accessories, consider driving your own car to avoid shuffling everything to a different car.
  • If the move is a big change for the children (for example, switching schools), do your best to keep a positive attitude about the move for them.  Get them excited about their new bedroom and how they can arrange their furniture, show them nearby parks or pictures of their new school.

Buying a home with your children in mind does NOT have to be scary! Take a deep breath and reach out to Kaitlin to help you navigate this journey seamlessly. 


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