The Gift of Time This Easter


Taking the Time to Enjoy Easter

This year’s Easter looks very different than any other Easter I can remember. Easter is my own mom’s favorite holiday, and I have already received no less than 10 phone calls asking if I am making the whole traditional Easter ham dinner for my family. However, I feel as though this Easter we have been given a gift that, as moms, we desperately pray for: time.

As much as I love celebrating holidays with my family and even enjoy some of the hustle, my husband and I usually look at each other at the end of a holiday and cannot believe where the day went. Did we really get to soak in the magic or was I too worried about getting everything ready and out the door for stop number 1 of the day?

This Easter, we get to slow down and remember the true meaning of the day and enjoy that time at home.

Creating Memories to Remember

Easter is so important for the special meaning it holds for our family as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Getting to go to church on Easter Sunday is a special event for us. However, as my family prepares for a zoom watch party from our living room, we will be given time that we would not normally have. Time to go at our own pace and get ready for our living room service. Time to fully appreciate the Easter story without having thoughts of what still needs to be done for the big dinner in the back of my head. This Easter we are given the gift to slow down and appreciate the beautiful gift we were given on Easter morning.

This Easter I get the time to enjoy our kids and give them the present parent I always strive to be; participating in activities together and making those memories. I hope they will not remember this as the time they didn’t get to go to church and see their friends on Easter Sunday, but the year that they spent all day snuggling, reading, and painting with mom.

It is ok to make it feel normal.

I fully plan on putting my daughter in the Easter dress I bought for her. She is still young enough that she lets me dress her up. It will make my mom heart happy to still get to see her in her dress. I fully plan on taking pictures of her in her dress so that I can remember this Easter when it pops up on my memories. It is ok to do things as normally as you can. Make that big dinner, but since the pressure is off, have the little ones help. Get dressed up in your Easter best to see how nice everyone looks. You have the time! You have the time to soak in all the moments you always wanted to.

So this Easter I challenge you to soak in every second with your little ones. This year we were given the time to live in the moment!

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Caitlin Sworden
Caitlin is a high school English teacher and the owner of Caitlin Breann Photography. She lives in Haskins with her husband Tyler, nine-year-old stepson Xander, and her one-year-old daughter Eliza. When she isn’t at the hockey rink cheering on her stepson or on location photographing the beautiful families and seniors of Northwest, Ohio, she loves her target runs, dancing to Elmo with her daughter, or re-watching her favorite show: How I Met Your Mother. Follow along with her photography journey at @caitlinbreannphotography



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