Cloth Diapering 101


When you become a mom you have a lot to decide on. From that very moment you get that positive pregnancy test, its decision time mama! 

One thing I wanted to accomplish as a mom was Cloth Diapering. It was a huge cost saver when it came to diapering expenses. Well, with all good intentions of bringing baby home and imminently starting cloth diapering, I became scared and overwhelmed with the thought of it and didn’t start until 3 months! (After some pushing from my husband to just give it a try!) 

Before having our baby, I did a ton of research on cloth diapering. I wanted to get the system that was right for us and I wanted something versatile for cloth or disposable (to use when traveling). 

I ran into a lot of options (see below of some of Toledo Mom’s contributor’s favorites) but here is the system that I found to be the best fit for our family! 

G Diapers. Hands down amazing.

You have covers and inserts (both cloth and disposable options). What I found to be the best part of this system is you do not have to change covers every time you change a diaper, so you don’t have to buy a ton of covers, just inserts. We have 4 liners for each size and have enough inserts to last 3 days, I do 1 load of laundry after bedtime on the 3rd day.


The cloth inserts that we started with came in 2 sizes. When our baby was smaller, we just used 1 small Insert, then eventually graduated up to using 2 small inserts, and now our little is 16 months old and use 1 large insert with 1 small, and at nighttime we use 2 large inserts.

You will find what works best is if your baby feels damp at any time, you either need to change more frequently or go up in the size of inserts. 

The inserts we invested in are Hemp backed with an organic cotton front. When we utilize more then one insert at a time, we put the hemp sides together for the best absorption. (Unfortunately, they no longer sell this with the G Diaper brand, but below are other inserts that Toledo Moms users like)

When your baby is on formula or breastmilk their poop is soluble so it can just be washed as is. When they start solids you will need to flush poop. What I found easiest was to get a small garbage can with a lid that locks, and I just toss all used diapers in there and deal with it all on the 3rd day after the baby is in bed. It is way easier for me to do it this way, then juggle a baby and a poopie diaper at the same time! 

When on the go.

we bought a reusable wet bag, to store diapers in until we got home to put them in the diaper bin. With the G Diaper brand, they also carry disposable inserts that fit the cover, so you could in sense use these when out and about so you don’t have to worry about the cloth inserts. These disposable inserts are compostable (Wet only) and are a great option for someone who wants the best of both worlds.

Please don’t be scared of cloth diapering, it really is not all that bad once you get into a rhythm. Give yourself some grace and give it a try. If you are like me and wait until you are comfortable with your new addition before starting this journey, that’s ok too! We as moms have a lot on our plates as it is, so it is ok to do what is best for you!

Here is the list of other options from other Toledo Moms contributors.

  • Alva baby pocket diapers w/ microfiber inserts. (Microfiber with a heavy wetter does not work so well)
  • Buttons Cover with their hemp inserts.
  • Best Bottom cover with hemp/bamboo inserts
  • Happy Beehinds
  • Smart Bottoms (pockets and covers)
  • Simple Being brand (From Amazon)
  • Charcoal bamboo inserts (should be paired with a different type of liner because they don’t absorb as quickly as other options)
  • Old flour sack towels to use as inserts

Happy Diapering,
Health and Happiness SV

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Samantha VanderVlucht
Samantha lives a more unconventional life. She works for her family’s business so she is able to bring her little one with her to the office. She also works from home a few days a week, and does all the Mama things in-between! She resides in Luckey Ohio with her husband of 7 years Kyle, her one-year-old daughter Demi Kay, and her fur baby Remington. Samantha enjoys the outdoors and doing all things homesteading. Most days when she is not working you will find her in the gardens, in the kitchen learning a new skill, or prepping for the winter months when fresh fruits and veggies are not in supply. She and her husband are passionate about health and wellness and have a wealth of knowledge about it. They love sharing the natural go to’s for just about anything! Essential oils are Samantha’s must-haves day in and day out! Samantha and her family strive to live a self-sustaining life. She is so excited to be a part of Toledo Mom’s; another adventure added to her belt! Find her on Instagram @skvanderv.


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