Samantha VanderVlucht

Samantha lives a more unconventional life. She works for her family’s business so she is able to bring her little one with her to the office. She also works from home a few days a week, and does all the Mama things in-between! She resides in Luckey Ohio with her husband of 7 years Kyle, her one-year-old daughter Demi Kay, and her fur baby Remington. Samantha enjoys the outdoors and doing all things homesteading. Most days when she is not working you will find her in the gardens, in the kitchen learning a new skill, or prepping for the winter months when fresh fruits and veggies are not in supply. She and her husband are passionate about health and wellness and have a wealth of knowledge about it. They love sharing the natural go to’s for just about anything! Essential oils are Samantha’s must-haves day in and day out! Samantha and her family strive to live a self-sustaining life. She is so excited to be a part of Toledo Mom’s; another adventure added to her belt! Find her on Instagram @skvanderv.

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Infant Safety Rescue (ISR)- Not One More Child Drowns

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