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Who doesn’t love pizza? Okay, there are people out there but let’s not talk about them. Pizza is a staple, a lifesaver for every Mom, and the best way to please almost everyone. Toledo Pizza is a serious topic. We all have our favorites, our opinions, and preferences. So, as a native to Toledo who was once referred to as the ‘Pizza Princess’, here is my list of the best places for pizza in the Toledo area – in no particular order.

Toledo Pizza

Inky’s Italian Food

Inky’s just happens to be first on my list of best places for pizza in the Toledo area because it holds a special place in my heart. It is the first place my husband and I shared dinner. Our waitress made a point in complimenting us on how refreshing it was to see a young couple without their phones. Either you LOVE Inky’s Pizza or you’ve never been there. The cheese bread is the French Bread kind with all the melted mozzarella on top, plus a side of sauce to dip. Going to Inky’s feels a little bit like going home for dinner. A family-owned restaurant where you can feel like you’re home is one of the best gems you can find.

Pizza Cat 

Pizza Cat has more options than you could ever dream up. I am talking about 70+ different types of pizza here. Not only is there a wild variety at Pizza Cat, but they also have keto pizza that ISN’T cauliflower. I love keto, but I do not like cauliflower. So when I discovered their keto pizzas are made with a chicken crust, I immediately logged Pizza Cat as a must-eat when following a keto or low-carb diet. Let’s be real, pizza is the hardest thing to give up, right?

The Original Gino’s Pizza

Something tells me, you either knew someone who worked for Gino’s or you used to hang out there. Since there is a location in every part of town, it’s also a great solution to get some pizza you can count on. My husband swears by Gino’s, but I will admit he enjoys it without me. The sauce is a touch too sweet for my taste, but that’s the beauty of pizza. Some people are totally into that!

Pizza Papalis

Pizza Papalis got its start north of the border in good old Michigan and we are lucky enough to have the only Ohio location in the heart of Downtown. If you haven’t visited this place yet, add it to your list of best places for pizza in the Toledo area. Their deep dish perfection is almost indescribable. I can tell you it is a long wait to get this masterful creation. So, be prepared to wait up to an hour for a slice. However, it is worth every minute. I also can’t go without mentioning their Lunch menu. I work close to downtown and there’s a combo that includes a junior pizza with a salad that I love to indulge on once in a while. Plus, you can stop here when you’re going to a game whether it’s Walleye or Mud Hens.

Vito’s Pizza and Subs

Where are those adventurous eaters? We all know I don’t mean the little ones. Unless they love hot dogs… because Vito’s has a hot dog pizza. Not just any hot dog’s though – it’s the infamous Tony Packo’s Hungarian Sausage. Plus, that’s just one of many premium pizza options from this place. BLT Pizza, Mac and Cheese Pizza, Chili Mac Pizza … the list goes on! You can truly find a one of a kind pizza at Vito’s.


Amie’s Pizza Factory

Can we talk about the white pizza for a second? This is monumental comfort food for me and I will tell anyone that. The White Pizza is brushed with garlic butter, doesn’t include tomato sauce, and is just overall cheesy. It’s worth a shout out!

J&G Pizza Palace

J&G’s is the pizza that both sides of my family hold pretty high. It’s one of the things my husband and I bonded over right away, and his brother ate a WHOLE J&G’s pizza the night I met him. I grew up eating J&G’s on Fridays with a couple of gyro dinners to share too. I still love ordering from here when we gather at my parent’s house. The pizza is cut into squares, so it’s so easy to eat more than you probably wanted to but it’s so worth it.

5th Street Pub

5th Street Pub has two locations – Sylvania and Perrysburg. Their website says this place is officially certified by the Italian government… effectively giving you the most authentic Italian pizza around. The dough is like naan – soft and melty. I’m a fan of flatbread pizzas but the options at 5th Street Pub are on another level.

Other Places for Pizza

I’d love to write a novel on local pizza. Seriously, it might be my choice for National Novel Writing Month in 2020. I realized how much I love Pizza around Toledo. As a Toledo native, I don’t venture too much further than Perrysburg on any kind of regularity so except for the BG choice below, I asked the other Toledo Mom Writers to help me out with some suggestions!

Campus Pollyeye’s – Bowling Green and Findlay

I had to stop by this place after the first Toledo Moms meeting in BG because it’s right around the corner from where we were. The stuffed breadsticks are infamous around there and while I am not a BG native, there are plenty of Moms that are. This place came recommended by a few!

Honorable Mentions

Jac & Do’s – a family-owned Pizzeria in Findlay off Trenton Ave.
Village Idiot – right in Downtown Maumee, this pizza place comes highly recommended!
Heavenly Pizza – the Toledo Moms tell me this is the best place to buy a jumbo pizza in Tiffin or Findlay. One mom even said it’s her pick for birthday parties!
Beer Barrel is the pick for a GLUTEN FREE PIZZA and there are locations in Lima, Maumee, and Findlay.

Happy National Pizza Day and make sure to let us know in the comments where you grab your favorite pizzas

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  1. My wife Barbara and I lived two blocks from J-&-G’s for most of 40 years. It was our go-to for both pizza’s and gyros! Our home is now in Utah not far from Zion National Park. The scenery is amazing, but none of the pizza is as good as J-&-G and there’s no better Gyro’s anywhere! Now they’ve added their own craft beer! I’m really starting to miss Sylvania, until I think about all the snow I no longer have to shovel!


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