Rani Simpson

Rani Simpson
Somewhere under a bunch of stationery and coffee cups, you'll find Rani - a 30 something newlywed and new Mom. Rani was born, raised, and currently resides in Toledo. She works full time in Digital Marketing for a local company, focusing on social media and content marketing. Her stationery company, Vividly Rani, provides hand-drawn and designed stickers, washi tape, and more. Going through a quick succession of milestones like starting a business, getting married, and beginning a pregnancy helped her perfect an equally chaotic system to keep it all straight. If she isn't planning or spending time with the love of her life and their daughter, she is catching up on the latest binge-worthy TV or creating something. As a lifelong artist, she does her best to see the beauty in everything and can't wait to spread more of that in Toledo.

We Tested Positive for COVID – Now What?

Yep. That's right. We tested positive for COVID in Toledo, Ohio. It affected my co-workers, my family, and yes - even my small business. Despite the stigma that is associated with something like a...

Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

  Netflix is a household name and I'd be surprised to hear of a person who doesn't know what it is. But just in case you've recently returned to the surface from your bunker, Netflix...

30 Days of Self Care with Printable Resource

Self Care is something that has gained more spotlight in recent years, especially, of course, this year. In a blur of days and jokes about only being able to tell the difference between days,...

Postpartum Depression, Clinical Depression, and Becoming a New Person

One of the hardest lessons I have ever learned is that talking about mental health makes people uncomfortable. Most people just aren't sure how to respond, how to feel, or how to process something...
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Going From Honeymoon To Baby In Our First Year

The day the love of my life proposed I was in Ann Arbor for a meeting. He had been acting completely obvious. We had chosen the ring together so I knew the question was...

Don’t Lose It: Tips to Combat YOUR Cabin Fever through COVID-19

It's no secret that we need resources to handle the three weeks (minimum) we are on hiatus from school. City Mom Collective has provided a mega list here and Toledo Moms has implemented an...
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National Pizza Day | Best Places for Pizza in the Toledo Area

Who doesn't love pizza? Okay, there are people out there but let's not talk about them. Pizza is a staple, a lifesaver for every Mom, and the best way to please almost everyone. Toledo...

4 Month Milestones and Sleep Regressions: Ignoring the Noise

When you're a first time Mom, you try and read as much as possible. Except, sometimes it's just Facebook groups, "Dr. Google", and your pediatrician.  When your baby hits the 4-month mark, suddenly the...