Donut Worry Be Happy | National Donut Day


Many families have found themselves reevaluating what is truly important the last couple years.
So many moms and others have been challenged to appreciate the little things now more than ever.
One of the little things worth celebrating is donuts!
So if you’re looking for an extra little something to celebrate this summer, plan your own family National Donut Day celebration.

National Donut Day is Friday, June 3th, 2022.  What a fun way to kick off summer and support some great local businesses while you do it!


Here are a few fun ways to celebrate donuts this year:

  1. Plan a donut picnic in the park! Order and pick up donuts for your family, bring some orange juice, and spread out a picnic blanket at your favorite 419 Metropark.
  2. Host your own private donut tasting. Order donuts from a variety of local bakeries.  Cut donuts into bite-sized pieces and discuss which are your favorites. Even create categories such as best glazed, best texture, best cream filling, most original, most artistic, and etc. Don’t forget to keep track of where each donut is from:)  And give your local donuts shops a shout out on social media!
  3. Spread some love and kindness on National Donut Day this year. Deliver donuts from your favorite local donut shop to your family, friends, essential workers, and first responders! Write a special message on the box or spend time making cards. Find fun donut puns on Pinterest and make your own greeting cards perfect to deliver with your sweet treats.  And thank you essential workers and those on the frontline… “Donut give up!”
  4. Get creative and make a donut to display all year!  Donuts are so much fun to draw and paint.  Get out your art supplies and paint some donuts before you eat them:)  You can talk about how no two donuts are exactly alike and how they aren’t perfect circles.  Encourage creative freedom and imperfections in your donut art. Decide on the flavor of your donut and what toppings it will have. Create a galaxy donut, your favorite flavor, or a donut unicorn.  Paint the dough first, then add icing, and last add sprinkles and toppings.  Complete your painting with a fun donut quote.  Here is a simple video to watch.  Order a Giant Donut Worry Painting Kit from Create: Art Studio + Workshop for a fun family painting experience!

Maybe you have heard it said, “Just eat the donut!”

But…what if you don’t eat donuts because you are vegan or avoid gluten. Or maybe you or your children have allergies?

We have some incredible local bakers that specialize in allergy-friendly donuts!  If you are vegan you can indulge in a donut from Vegan Taste or Cafe DonutsSo Many Somethings can craft a gluten-free donut that will not only taste good but look incredible as well.  And Jane Doughspecializes in allergy-friendly baked goods including vegan, gluten-free, dye-free, and more!

So go ahead and eat that vegan and gluten-free donut mama!!

Donut Places Around NW Ohio

Let us know any local donut spots we may have missed! Eat more hole foods…right?

Enjoy some sweet treats and make even sweeter memories!  Donut Worry, Be Happy in the 419 🙂

PS: Head over to our Instagram (@nwohiomoms) for a GIVEAWAY with Papa Moose Donuts today!


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