Toledo Moms Superhero Weekend: Find Your Inner Superhero


Calling all Superheroes and Princesses!

Mamas this weekend will be a chance to let all of our favorite superheroes and princesses shine.

Life has been a bit challenging the past month and we could definitely use a bit of goodness filling our lives. I may have now watched Frozen and Spiderman more times than the Office, and the inner teacher in me is dying to make this vast Disney princess knowledge into a teachable moment!

This weekend let your little superhero or princess dress up as their favorite character and save the house by all of their good deeds! Time to vacuum? Batman flies in to pick up and save the blocks just in time! Time to unload the dishwasher? Elsa uses her magical powers to help lift the tupperware to mom or dad!

Superhero and Princess Coloring Pages

After your little one does their good deeds and helps out the family, have them color about their journey in these printable pages!

Don’t forget to tag Toledo Moms in your superhero and princess’ adventures this weekend!


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