Five Follows If You Have Kids Under Five


What are your “must-follow” Instagram accounts for parents?  “Oh my gosh, you have to follow _______, they have changed my life!”  Which Instagrammer are you constantly telling other parents about?  I’ve got two kids under five right now (and depending when #3 arrives, I may have three under five!), and here are my five faves:

@BusyToddler  Susie Allison is the OG parent resource.  She’s a former elementary school teacher who is a current SAHM and homeschool teacher for her three kids.  Susie’s account is filled with (totally doable) sensory activities, crafts, and games.  Her blog is a treasure trove of information around potty training, moving from the crib, and kindergarten readiness, as well as her own play-based preschool curriculum.

@PedsDocTalk  Ever wished you could text your pediatrician anytime of day?  You can!  Or at least, that’s what it feels like with Dr. Mona of @PedsDocTalk.  Dr. Mona is certified practicing pediatrician in Florida.  Her stories are thorough and detailed and cover everything from breastfeeding to introducing solids to when to go to the ER.  I am a new-ish follower but she has quickly moved to the top of my stories.  Be sure to check out her podcast, in which she answers questions submitted by her followers, and her YouTube channel.

@BigLittleFeelings  Deena and Kristin offer practical strategies for toddler tantrums and behavior issues.  Their online course is super affordable (and is currently changing my whole perspective on parenting!) but they offer so much amazing content for free, like this Holiday Survival Guide!  Personally I appreciate that they also challenge me to consider my own childhood and how that affects how I parent my daughters.

@SpeechSisters  Have you ever worried that your child might not be completing their development milestones?  Language can be a serious source of stress for a mom!  When will she talk?  How many words should he have?  Brooke and Bridget are sisters, moms, and speech therapists dedicated to giving parents the tools needed to get their child talking.

@TakingCaraBabies Cara is a neonatal nurse and certified pediatric sleep consultant.  I wish I had found her four years ago when I was a new mom!  She offers a fully comprehensive sleep course, but like the accounts above, I have benefited so much from just her free content.  When friends have babies I send them this account!  I know this will be a go-to for me after baby #3 arrives this fall, simply because infant sleep changes SO much over a few months–wake windows, length of sleep, when to drop a nap, how to read your baby’s sleep cues.  Her tagline?  You are the BEST Mom (Dad/Parent/Grandparent) for your Baby!

Bonus: @HereWeeRead  When you’re ready to move on from the board books (Bye Little Blue Truck! See ya never Goodnight Moon!), Charnaie is so helpful with suggesting interesting and diverse picture books.  The world of children’s publishing can be so overwhelming, but her recommendations always deliver!  We often give books as gifts and I always check Charnaie’s lists before I shop.

Check these out and comment below–who’s your go to follow on Instagram when it comes to parenting?


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