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“The Virus” known as COVID-19 (coronavirus) has forever changed us. Life, as we know it to be, is no longer. In what seems like the blink of an eye! To some, the virus has been nothing short of a nightmare. It seems to be the darkest cloud in the sky. Raining down fear around the globe. I could tell this storm would be one of the most unfortunate the world has ever seen. As a mama, I was determined not only to weather the storm but also find the rainbow.

We would take what was meant for evil and turn it to good.

My daughters were vocalizing their sadness and fear as we began to teach them how to wear a mask and explain why they can not hug their grandparents. My heart broke as they cried upon hearing the news that they would not be able to return to their teachers, friends, and regular activities. As a grown-up, I had a hard enough time wrapping my head around what was happening. I felt overwhelmed and a bit scared myself.

The universal trigger for fear is the threat of harm, real or imagined. I knew immediately my perception of this virus would play a major role in my family’s level of fear. I made it my priority to seek understanding of these times, let fear know it is not welcome in our home, and no matter what as a family we would be a light in the darkness.

We would not dwell on the negative but rather choose to see it as a time of strengthening.

We are spirits filled with courage and strength. I was certain if we truly focused on what was right in front of us we would make it through this. We may not have always had a full pantry, what we like to eat, or toilet paper but we had each other and that was the true blessing. Together we focused on hope and how we could do good for others. I delighted in teaching my family that generosity always makes things better. The key was an attitude of gratitude! We started each day thankful for what we had. So, we kept the news off and no longer take anything for granted.

We speak the truth in love to build each other up to be our very best selves.

During this, we focused on our strengths. Every person has a slightly different strength to share with the world. The virus has taught us to uncover ours. As a family, we are able to do more acts of kindness together. We have learned to search for the real meaning of happiness. During these hard times, we have grown closer and life itself has become a little more fulfilling.

We have started our first garden, learned to cook new dishes, had deeper conversations, read more, and went on more family only adventures due to the virus. My prayers and thoughts are with all who have suffered because of COVID-19. If we let the unfortunate things consume us they most certainly will! My hope for all mamas is that we find the strength to rise up and see that in every situation we have choices. Choices that have such an impact on this next generation.

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Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns resides in Berkey, OH with her absolute favorite humans and pets! Her and her sweetheart, one of a kind, says what’s on his mind, hard-working husband of 6 years Scott, two beautiful and brilliant daughters, two Great Danes, 4 chickens, 2 ducks, and one little kitty named Izzy George Washington Catfur Burns established their homestead there 4 years ago. Picture the 1993 Comedy “Son In Law” starring Pauly Shore. Together they are mathletes, cheerleaders, reading enthusiasts, unicorns, NASA bound, mermaids, cool nerds, and artists. Ashley is a former pediatric orthopedic nurse of 11 years who enjoys helping manage their small business Scotty B’s LEDS, LLC. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her community’s local elementary school, adventures of any kind as long as it’s with her family, and spreading positivity as much as possible! Family and helping others is her true joy!


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