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Innovative, patient-centered, and passionate. This is the way that one would describe Dr. Jared and Dr. Taylor at Precision Spinal Care. This family-run chiropractor’s office on Route 20, was established in July of 2018. This wonderful brother duo is bringing some amazing things to Northwest, Ohio. The first thing I noticed upon entering the office was how welcomed I felt, and how kind-hearted and warm the staff was.


Precision Spinal Care is the only Chiropractic office in the state of Ohio to have a 3D CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) Imaging Scanner. This machine operates and looks like the X-Ray machine at the dentist’s office. However, the 3D images of your upper spine and neck are far from ordinary. These scans allow Dr. Jared and Dr. Taylor to fully assess not just what may be bothering you, but also what the true underlying causes could be. This CBCT scanner truly sets this chiropractic office apart from every other office in the Northwest, Ohio area. You will know that not only are you getting the best care but the best technology. 


What is the standard reason someone goes to the chiropractor? Their back hurts! In spending time with Dr. Jared, I could immediately tell that he not only cares about fixing his patient’s immediate back problems but their whole health. Dr. Jared was so easy to talk to and explained the process of a new patient examination so well that I know my 9 year old would be able to understand what he was doing and why. The doctors at Precision Spinal Care live up to their name. They are precise and specific about the treatment plan that is put in place. Patients will not only see a drastic improvement in their backs but in their whole being. 

The doctors at Precision Spinal Care believe in the structural correction of the spine. Dr. Jared explained that a lot of issues can arise from an improper movement of the first vertebrae. He truly took patient education to a whole new level in explaining how the movement of this vertebrae can pinch our Vagus Nerve (cranial nerve 10). This pinching can cause so many problems in our daily lives; not just back pain! This pinching of the Vagus Nerve can leave our nervous system constantly in the fight or flight mentality. 

A Chiropractor for the Whole Family

Believe it or not, going to the chiropractor isn’t just something for the hurt or old (I put off going to my first appointment for weeks because I didn’t think I was old enough). Precision Spinal Care treats infants and kids too. In speaking to Dr. Jared, I was able to learn about how birth can cause misalignment that leaves the top neck bone out of place. This can cause a slew of things such as breastfeeding issues, reflux, colic, and constipation in infants to name a few. 

Older children can benefit from their chiropractic services too. Dr. Jared mentions how the top vertebrae being misaligned can cause stress on the nervous system which can worsen ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and asthma issues in kids of all ages. If I learned one thing from meeting with Dr. Jared, it is that his chiropractic services are just as much for kids as they are for adults. 

At Precision Spinal Care you will have a care plan that is tailored to your needs with no cracking and no guessing. They truly are precise with their work. You could undergo treatments such as trigger point therapy and may even get to lay on the vibration mats to strengthen the ligaments in your back. Mommy break anyone? 

Their Methods Work

Don’t just take it from me. In the New Year’s 2020 Issue of the “Lookbook,” a patient of Dr. Taylor says, “for as long as I can remember, there has been a lot of noise in my head. It was very difficult to focus in school…I started seeing Dr. Taylor 2x a week. After about 3 months, I realized that the noise in my head was gone…I also felt like I had a lot more tolerance to stressful situations. The treatment I received from Precision Spinal Care and Dr. Taylor can only be described as LIFE-CHANGING.”

As a mom, I have learned so many things. I will do anything for my children, I want the best for my children, and that I need to take care of myself FOR my children. We forget that mom has to be taken care of so many times. I have a new year’s resolution of making my health a priority this year and Precision Spinal Care is a part of my new routine to make sure that I am functioning as best as I can be so that I can keep up with my children for many many years to come. Do not wait to schedule your complimentary consultation with the amazing staff at Precision Spinal Care! You will not be disappointed!

Precision Spinal Care

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