What if I Have To Go To Work Amid The Quarantine?


The virus has forced everyone to slow down at least a little bit on their social calendars. Some parents can work from home and are trying to figure out how to make that happen with the children home all day. Other moms, like myself, are figuring out how we will go to work and make sure that we keep all the humans at our houses safe and healthy.

As moms, we always seem to put ourselves last in whatever equation we are in. Since the beginning of the social distancing mandate, we have been constantly thinking (stressing) about the trickle-down effects of this and how will everyone stay sane through all of this. So, how do we keep ourselves healthy in the meantime when we have to head into work during this?

Simple tips to stay healthy while working during Covid-19

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables to keep a heightened immune system
  • Reduce processed foods or refined sugar as much as possible
  • Continue to stay active
  • Reduce stress by practicing yoga, meditation, positive thinking, or deep breathing
  • Keep sleep a priority
  • Laugh daily
  • Use hand sanitizer before getting in or out of the vehicle
  • Use wipes to clean steering wheel, dashboard, and door each time you are in the car
  • Implement a ‘no shoes in the house’ policy
  • Leave work shoes in the garage (a plastic bag will work too), or thoroughly clean them each day
  • Take clothes off and place in the washing machine as soon as you get home
  • Shower as soon as you get home before touching anyone or anything in your house
  • Use disposable coffee cups (water bottles too!)
  • Use disposable lunch bags (we use old plastic bags)
  • Switch to a work bag that can be easily washed or wiped down
  • Leave all items at work that can stay there
  • Stethoscope, scissors pens, etc. all stay at work for now (wipe those often anyway!)
  • Eliminate using your purse for now, if possible
  • Wash your phone often!
  • Wash your hands!
  • Avoid touching your face

Some of these ideas may not be too friendly for the environment right now but we have to make sure we are healthy to be able to take care of the chaos surrounding us right now. We are all in this fight together….well, within a distance, of course. Stay healthy mommas!


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