Social Distancing Birthday Guide


Social Distancing Birthday Guide is something our team never thought we would need to put together but here we are in week 3 of social distancing in Ohio. How are you doing, mama? Feeling heavy emotions? Us too, especially if you, one of your kids, or a family member has a birthday and you can not be there for it. We all want our friends and family around to celebrate milestones. This year is understandably going to be a year of social distancing birthdays.

Our team has compiled a list of ideas for you to have a Social Distancing Birthday for your loved one.

Forget the Card, Say it in your Yard!
Every special day, event or business gathering is a unique occasion. If you’re looking for a fun way to make someone’s special day one to remember, you’ve come to the right place. We use our individual letters to spell out personalized greetings in your yard!

Eleven Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Have a parade on your street of close friends and families in their cars. Your friends or family members can decorate signs, their cars, and sign happy birthday while practicing social distancing.
  2. Create: Art & Workshop offers paint parties to go! Have a couple of families get together via video chat and paint together using Creates paint party bags!
  3. Plan a TikToc Challenge with their friends: dancing, drawing, playing a game, cooking, ect…
  4. Zoom Party! Zoom offers 40 minutes free for video calls.
  5. Host an online movie event with Netflix.
  6. Compile a Birthday Party Printable with The Virtual Birthday Party.
  7. Create a Facebook Pop Up Party! Invite their friends (or parents) to a private group. Go live, play games, and ask questions.
  8. Host a whiteboard party. Play classic games like hangman, Pictionary, checkers, or tic tac toe!
  9. Host a private Marco Polo Party! Marco Polo is a walkie talkie chat type app that you can video chat with your friends!
  10. Have a birthday party interview. Interview your birthday boy or girl and have family submit questions for them to answer. Then watch together with family and friends.
  11. Call Toledo Princess Parties and have one of their characters call your birthday girl or boy!
  12. Home Zone- Skyzone Toledo Headoffice is hosting virtual parties!

Games and Activities

  • Game Day! Play all your child’s favorite games.
  • Have a DANCE PARTY! Make a playlist of your child’s favorite songs.
  • Can’t go to the drive-in? Have a drive-in movie in your living room. Bring an air mattress out and pile up all the blankets. ADD POPCORN!
  • Scavenger Hunt around your house or neighborhood-if your neighbors are in on you being in their yard :).

Decorate Your House

  • Order Birthday Party yard signs from A & K Yard Greetings.
  • Blow up balloons and make every room a party! Fill their room the morning of (sneak in), grab number balloons for how old they will be, and make birthday balloon banners!
  • Hang streamers from the ceiling, on doors, and windows!
  • Have siblings or other family members make cards or signs for the house.
  • Put up a photo garland on the wall or fireplace.

Meals and Dessert (don't forget the cake)

Don’t let social distancing and time away from our loved ones leave you feeling like you can’t celebrate the fun days in our lives! We just get to be more creative with it and turn those lemons into lemonade. More ideas on how to celebrate birthdays in the midst of social distancing?

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