Take That Nap Mama


Being a parent is hard. But being a MOM? Now that is what I like to call being SUPERWOMAN or the walking dead… whichever you prefer.

She does it all.

She nurses, changes diapers, clothing, nap times, tantrums, feedings, teething… you name it. Whenever a baby needs something, they naturally cling to their mama. She is their superhero, their confidant, their literal WORLD. Don’t take this as saying that dads don’t do any of these things but dads… this isn’t about you right now.

There is no way I could ever foresee just how tired you will actually be by adding a baby into the mix of your crazy life. I read all of these articles about “nap when the baby naps”. I also read a hilarious one that said, “nap when the baby naps, do laundry when the baby does laundry”. Being the neat freak, OCD person that I am, I cannot nap if there is a messy anything in my house. I am slowly learning how to let some things go until later, but it is an extremely hard thing for me to do.

As I yawn drinking my cold coffee, feel half asleep when changing diapers and dressing my baby for the day, I can’t help but sometimes think about the nap that will hopefully soon come so I can get some things done. Then the nap comes, and he goes down and I do dishes, a load of laundry or sweep and mop the floors.

I’m learning to soak in these moments.

Other days, nap time comes (and this is where teaching myself how to chill out, comes in to play) and I watch him fall asleep and think about the days when he isn’t going to want me to rock him to sleep in my arms and nap with me. So, I lay there with him in my arms, watching his chest go up and down as he breathes and that slight smirk on his face as he’s nodding out. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with love that sometimes, there are tears. Tears of happiness and adoration at this tiny, perfect and handsome human I created. I nap with him. Soaking up the love and the sound of his breathing and the smell of his skin.

Or on days like today when he falls asleep while cuddling and watching his favorite cartoons. How can you get up from that?!

When those anticipated nap times come and you either clean something or you nap with your baby. Remember that whatever choice you make, you’re allowed. It is crazy to me, to think how many things a mama accomplishes in her day from taking care of her spouse to taking care of the pets and the little people in the house that we oftentimes neglect ourselves. There are times when my husband comes home from work on his lunch break and I am still in my pajamas with crazy hair and unbrushed teeth. However, as long as everyone is taken care of, that’s all that really matters.

We exhaust ourselves by putting everyone before us so remember that you deserve that nap!

They’re never long, but no matter how long they are, the feeling of at least laying your head on a pillow for 5 minutes is sometimes the best we will feel all day. We do so many things throughout our days as mamas that oftentimes we can’t even remember it all. To get a short nap and still feel so completely drained but get everything and more done throughout the day is truly a superpower.

SO, next time someone shames you for taking a nap, give them the death stare. Just kidding… but seriously, their opinion totally doesn’t even count anyways.

I am not saying our lives are so hard that we want a different one or wish it was different or whatever negative way someone will perceive this message. I am just saying.. moms need naps too and if you’re an overly tired, exhausted mama today remember to slow down a little and take that nap, it’s justified!

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Jamie Maxwell
Jamie is a 29-year-old wife and SAHM who resides in Holland, OH with her husband Pete, her handsome 4-month-old son Brecken & 2 rescue senior pups (because they’re all puppies, right?) Trixie & Bourbon. Helping people is her and her family’s passion. Her husband is the Finance Director at Lexus of Toledo and Jamie previously worked as a Paralegal & most recently an Insurance Agent with State Farm. Her current passion is skincare as she enjoys helping others feel better in the skin they’re in through Rodan + Fields. She is also currently working hard to open up a kids clothing boutique in 2020. In her free time, she loves to organize things (weird, she knows), Pinterest baking & crafting, going boating with her family, and traveling. Keep up with Jamie on Instagram @jmmax18!


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