Gail McWatters


Take the time-Mom Friendships

You might look at this picture as just a plant; but to me it symbolizes so much more than that. It’s the plant that I was given from my sweet grandma’s funeral 30 months...

Starting The Year Off Clean

  Welcome to 2021 the year where I really get organized!! How many times have you started out a year saying “this is the year I go through that junk door and keep it organized,...

Traditions: New and Old

Traditions: Old & New When we think of traditions sometimes we think; big elaborate, mind blowing traditions. But the traditions I’m talking about are heartfelt, exciting, small but big and memorable. What traditions does your...

Life In A Camper

Life in a camper...with kids...during a pandemic...while building...not as crazy as you’d think. It all began with a dream to build a home that fits our family perfectly. So we did what any family would...