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Bachelor Season 24 episode 8

Monday nights seem to be the epitome of “mommy time” among my group of friends. Everybody plans their entire routine around The Bachelor. As someone who has never seen a single episode, I could never relate to that excitement.

With that said, I challenged myself to watch this week with no knowledge or context of previous episodes.

If you came here for the weekly recap, don’t worry. You’re still going to get it. However, you’re in for a ride because you’re getting a complete recap from a total newbie.

Before you roll your eyes too hard, bear with me. All opinions in this post are coming from somebody who was completely ignorant of this season up until 8:00 this morning.

So it Begins…

The episode opens with a recap of last week’s episode. We find that there are three girls left: Madison, Hannah Ann, and Victoria.

After the recap, the episode picks up where Madison has a serious talk about her morals with Pete.

I have to say I totally respect Madison for sticking to her beliefs. The fact that she brought up saving herself for marriage before Fantasy Suite week shows me that she’s a good communicator.

Communication is something that so many relationships lack. However, as the episode went on I found myself questioning the way she delivered her message. Was it really fair to basically give Pete an ultimatum?

“Real life” vs. The Bachelor

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, she essentially told him that she wouldn’t be okay with him getting intimate with either of the other girls. I’m torn about this. From a “real life” perspective, I absolutely understand where she’s coming from.

I wouldn’t want my future husband sleeping with other people a mere week before dropping down on one knee. 

However, another side of me is rolling my eyes. I feel like she should have known what she signed up for. The entire premise of the Bachelor is one man dating a series of women. Especially now that the season is almost done, it’s expected for him to have some serious feelings for the final three.

It isn’t entirely fair to tell him he can’t get intimate with the other girls when he likely has strong feelings for them. I couldn’t help but put myself in Pete’s head during that week and I can’t imagine how conflicted that ultimatum made him.

Australia, Baby!

Fast-forward through the first commercial break and we’re in Australia. Can I just say how jealous I am? That scenery was BREATHTAKING. If it weren’t for the insane mutant Australian spiders, I’d be booking a trip to Australia right now.

When we return from the break we’re immediately taken to the hotel room. Hold up, these girls are SHARING a suite? Awkward….

I couldn’t help but cringe at the deafening silence as the girls attempted to converse with each other. I could literally hear crickets chirping in my head.

Date #1: Hannah Ann

Pete takes Hannah Ann on a jetski date. I almost got jealous until I remembered my petrifying fear of open water. Regardless of my phobias, I can feel the chemistry between these two half of a world away.

As I watch Pete and Hannah Ann have a heartfelt conversation on the sand bar, I see that my viewing buddy is just as into this date as I am.

#TeamHannahAnn forever

Meanwhile, the girls are back at the hotel and Madison is talking to Victoria about her previous conversation with Pete. Victoria tells Madison that this week is important for Pete as these intimate dates will help him validate his feelings for each girl.

Well said, Victoria. Well said.

Date Night With Hannah Ann

My first reaction when Hannah Ann walked up for their dinner date was to immediately take note to look up where in the world she got her dress from. That outfit was beautiful!

Once again, the chemistry was literally radiating. I’m still feeling it as I write this, hours after my initial watch.

Hannah tells Pete that she begins really closed off in a relationship until she’s all in and I felt that so hard.

My takeaway from this portion of the episode is that Hannah Ann is great and I want to be her friend. If not for her general personality, then for the fact that her main focus when they got to the fantasy suite was the dessert (I feel you, girl).

Date #2: Victoria

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know Victoria’s name until halfway through the episode. I’m sure there are plenty of Victoria shippers out there who want my head for that.

But, I was so busy recovering from the chemistry punch between Hannah Ann and Pete, that I didn’t care to pay attention.

Pete decides to take Victoria on a helicopter ride to the top of a waterfall. They have a deep conversation of which I have zero context, but loyal Bachelor fans will know all about.

She and Pete discuss her trouble with communicating feelings. Communication is a struggle for me too, girl.

We’re then transported back to the girls’ hotel room where Madison and Hannah Ann are talking. Once again, Madison is explaining her purity conversation with Pete. Hannah Ann essentially tells her that she knew what she signed up for (Yas, girl).

Hannah Ann tells the audience that she doesn’t think it’s fair to put a restriction/ultimatum on Pete like that and I absolutely agree.

Date Night With Victoria

It’s night now and time for Pete and V’s dinner date. The setting is beautiful. Pete has a table set up somewhere in an Australian forest.

As they get to talking, Pete tries to get to the bottom of Victoria’s reservations about opening up.

Finally, V reveals that her last relationship was very one-sided and she never felt like she was good enough. She was made to feel like her feelings didn’t matter and that’s why she has communication issues now.

Learning this helped me get a little more insight into Victoria as a person, but I still didn’t feel the same chemistry between them that I did with Hannah Ann.

The episode cuts back to the girls’ hotel room and Madison is clearly still torn up about this week. It makes me wonder if she’s going to voluntarily leave.

Date #3: Madison

Of all three dates, this one felt the most underwhelming and physically nauseating.

Pete took Madison to the “top of the world.” They climbed up to the roof of an extremely tall building and enjoyed the view at the end.

While the view was breathtaking, I was nauseous thinking about how high they were (can you tell I don’t like heights, either?) The date seemed to go well, but it didn’t feel like we were shown much.

The episode cuts back to the hotel where the girls are discussing how they feel about Madison’s ultimatum. Victoria, Hannah Ann, and I are all in agreement that what she said wasn’t fair.

As amazing and respectable it is for her to stay pure until marriage, it isn’t right to expect someone to have the same idea for themself, especially this far into the season.

Date Night With Madison

This dinner date was one big yikes, y’ all.

Madison’s heart is racing and Pete duly notes it. As they sit down, they discuss the conversation they had after last week’s rose ceremony. Madison tells Pete that she didn’t mean to put him in the position she did.

Completely understandable, except she did and it made the entire week kind of awkward. I think Pete handled the conversation well and was respectful about her beliefs and morals. Pete then admits to Madison that he was intimate with the other girls and Madison eventually excuses herself from the table to compose herself.

The entire date made me cringe into the crevasses of the couch I was sitting on.

Decisions, Decisions…

We’re almost done with the episode and Pete goes to Madison outside. Homeboy does not deserve to feel like this, man…

I can see that Pete has real feelings for Madison. I can’t help but feel that if she ends up staying until the end and Pete picks her, she’ll hold this week over his head until the end of time.

Grudges don’t make for healthy relationships.

The episode ends with Madison walking away from Pete and we’re stuck wondering if she’s staying on the show or if she walks away for good.

My First Bachelor Experience Summed Up

It seems like the next few episodes are going to be filled with drama and let me just say…

  1. Am. Here. For. It.

You guys have me hooked and now I need to know…

Will Madison stay? Is it going to affect the show’s finale? Will Pete end up with my girl Hannah Ann, or is he going to chase after Madison? YA GIRL NEEDS TO KNOW!

Any predictions on the outcome? I’m so curious!

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