Northwest Ohio’s Most Haunted Spots


Toledo’s history offers a number of spooky locations perfect for ghost hunting! Here are seven spots in the 419 where spirits might be hanging out:

Collingwood Arts Center

Collingwood Arts Center was built in 1905. It started as a convent for the nuns of the Ursuline Order of the Sacred Heart before becoming the Mary Manse College and a retirement home for nuns before being used for as studios for local artists.

There are may stories of hauntings in the building. It is say that the nuns are still attached to the building and that one still walks the halls after hanging herself in the basement. There is also one about a woman seen in a wedding gown that could have been a woman that was scheduled to be married in the building but died before she could or someone who was going to join the Ursuline order but passed before she could.

Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, Ohio

Fort Meigs was built to defend our area during the War of 1812. It was attacked in May of 1813 by the British. It is rumored to still have spirits walking the grounds at night.

The Oliver House

In the 1800s, The Oliver House was a grand hotel but was converted to restaurants in 1995. During the Spanish American War, it was a medical center for wounded soldiers.

Many guests have reported apparitions including one they call “The Captain: who is seen in full uniform.

Toledo Yacht Club

Originally called the Toledo Boat Club, founded in 1865, it is one of the oldest yacht clubs still in existence.

In 2016, Ghost Hunters filmed an episode at the club. The most popular story is about a 10 year old who fell from a balcony in 1910 that still walks the halls.

Wolcott House Heritage Center and Grounds

Built by James Wolcott and his wife Mary Wells, started out as a log cabin but turned into a 14 room mansion.

There are reports of phantom piano playing and other noises with no explanation.

Chadwick/Link Inn

Currently known as Levi and Lilac’s Whiskey Room in Maumee, it was originally built by Levi Barbee in 1837 and used as an inn, general store, post office and feed store. In the 1930s it was a brothel then later restaurants.

It is rumored to be haunted by a woman that is hung from the rafters. Also, a lady called “the Lilac Lady” is seen walking the building leaving the scent of lilacs in her tracks. Also, there’s an opposite story of random smells of body odor too.

Gibbs Bridge

Located between Sylvania and Berkey there are many stories about this bridge. It is said that the bridge is haunted by victims of a deadly crash. Visitors hear sounds of a collision and laughter late at night. Also, people say they have been chased off the bridge by spirits.

Gunn Road

Located near Holland, Oh the story goes that a young boy nicknamed “Chalky” was hit by a car. Rumor is that if you stop at a certain spot, that is marked by a sign, the car won’t start again until you get out and push it off the spot.


Wheres is your favorite haunted spot in Northwest Ohio?!

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